Xiaomi Unveils New Logo And Brand Identity

Xiaomi unveiled its new logo at the beginning of the second part of the Mega Launch 2021 event. Xiaomi’s new logo has not changed much, but it is more compatible with its visual identity.

Xiaomi has previously informed its users that it will hold a Mega Launch event to unveil new products coming to market in 2021. The first part of Xiaomi’s ceremony yesterday hosted the new Mi 11 series and several other products.

In the second part of the ceremony, which was held in Tehran at 4:00 P.M today, a momentous event took place. Xiaomi first reviewed its ten years of brilliant activity and said that it had made significant progress in the last decade. The Chinese company announced that it has big plans for the coming ten years.

Xiaomi CEO Lee Joon unveiled the company’s new logo at the beginning of the ceremony. In the new Xiaomi logo, we see the same design as before, but this time, the logo’s corners are rounded. Xiaomi’s logo designer says the logo is “alive” and is already more compatible with its visual identity. In the new Xiaomi logo, the orange color is preserved to show the company’s vitality and youth. The company’s high-end products will use black and silver colors.

According to Xiaomi, the company’s new logo was designed by Kenya Hara, a professor at Mushinshino University of the Arts. In addition to the original orange logo, Hara has also improved Xiaomi’s typography.

Xiaomi CEO announced that the new logo might undergo some changes in different products. It is the first instance that Xiaomi has used a dynamic format for the logo. The logo will soon be applied to all Xiaomi stores and, of course, the company’s headquarters in China.

Furthermore, Xiaomi unveiled a few home appliances at today’s event. The company also introduced it the Mi Mix Fold handset.

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