Windows 11: Everything we know about the next generation of Microsoft operating system

Microsoft is preparing to introduce “one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade.” Read news and rumors about Windows 11, including exciting features and release dates in this article.

Just last month, Microsoft released the latest update to Windows 10 in the 21H1 version, but Windows users will soon have to prepare for a much bigger and more exciting release. On June 24, Microsoft will unveil the “next generation of Windows” in a virtual event that promises significant changes in this long-standing operating system.

At the Microsoft Build for Developers Conference on May 25, Microsoft CEO announced that the company was about to release a new version of windows. That was enough to confirm the rumors of a significant redesign for the 1.3 billion users of the operating system in 2021.

New features of Windows 11

There are many rumors and possibilities regarding the new features and capabilities of Windows 11. Still, all of these rumors point to a redesign of Windows under a project called Sun Valley. However, some people think these changes will not be in line with the excitement that Microsoft has expressed for this event so far, and it will probably be a standard update for Windows 10, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of the year.

But some believe that the Sun Valley project is supposed to be the same as Windows 11, and we think so. Sun Valley, initially intended for the 10X operating system, was introduced as a project to redesign the appearance of Windows, not as a minor operating system upgrade.

A Microsoft post on its blog announcing the May 10 update to Windows 10 also fueled the rumors. In this post, Microsoft mentioned that it would transfer some of the disbanded 10X operating system features to “other parts of Windows.” Note that Microsoft refers explicitly to “Windows” and not “Windows 10”. Windows 10X was supposed to make Windows look like modern and innovative operating systems like Mac, Chrome, and iPad under the Sun Valley project. Still, its release was delayed due to the Covid-19 epidemic and has now been completely disbanded.

User experience changes in Windows 11

Windows 10X was supposed to offer a new design for the Task Bar, Start Menu, Action Center, File Explorer, and many more for devices and dual-display devices. But the Covid-19 epidemic disrupted Microsoft’s plans, and Project 10X was initially delayed but then canceled altogether, so you can expect to see some of those features in Windows 11.

Microsoft has already officially mentioned some of these new features; Including an enhanced voice typing experience, a modernized touch keyboard with optimal key sizes, sounds, colors, animations, and even new fonts and icons.

During this time, Microsoft revealed many features of the new Windows design in the Sun Valley project. In the insider version of Windows 10, there were codes related to the operating system’s design, but it was not activated. For example, a floating start menu and a floating jump list in the taskbar rounded corners of windows and menus and a new look for the operations center that includes a slider.

It is also reported that Microsoft will add battery usage figures to the Windows Settings section. This feature has been around for years on smartphones, and its place was empty in Windows operating system. Other rumored features that are likely to be added to Windows 11 from Sun Valley include the ability to uninstall most pre-installed Microsoft applications, improved snap assist capability for external displays, and a dashboard for the Microsoft account in the toolbar.

These new user experiences will probably not be as shocking as Windows 8 over Windows 7. Most likely, during this time, Microsoft devoted itself entirely to the development of the Fluent Design language, which it unveiled four years ago, to improve the Windows experience on touch devices by making minor changes that seem familiar but different at the same time. As a result, the user experience will bring a more modern and innovative feel to the users of your operating system.

Microsoft Store changes in Windows 11

Aside from redesigning the look of Windows, we’re likely to see other significant changes in Windows 11, the most important of which is redesigning the look and feel of the Microsoft Store.

In fact, Windows 11 will not only change the look of the operating system but also change the way you search, buy, and install different apps. In addition, reports indicate that Microsoft is working to increase the importance of the Microsoft Store for both Windows users and Windows application developers.

Leaked images from the Windows 11 user interface

On June 25, some of the leaked images of the Windows 11 operating system were published on the Internet. As can be seen from the review of these images shared by Verge, the Windows 11 user interface and Start Menu are very similar to what Microsoft had previously planned for the Windows 10X project.

In appearance, the most significant changes have taken place in the toolbar. Microsoft has focused app icons in this area, cleaned up the notification area, and added a new Start button and menu for Windows 11.

The new Start menu is a simplified version of the menu that already exists in Windows 10 and does not include the updated squares with news and weather forecasts. Instead, the Windows 11 menu includes pinned apps, recent files, and quick access to turn off and restart buttons. Overall, everything seems to be simpler and cleaner than what we saw in Windows 10.

If you do not want the app icon and Start menu in the middle, you can drag them to the left side of the screen. With the addition of dark mode to this operating system, Windows 11 looks more like an improved version of Windows 10 than a wholly new and different version.

As rumored, the corners of menus, applications, and file searchers have been rounded up. Also, in the Windows 11 toolbar, a new icon called Widgets has been added. Microsoft is rumored to be rolling out widgets to Windows, and this early version of Windows will include some of these widgets for quick access to news, weather, and other web content.

Windows 11 applications are expected to see more changes, but most of them are not yet in this early version. However, most of this operating system looks complete, and you can expect the beta version to be available to insiders for testing soon.

Price and release date of Windows 11

Assuming Windows 11 is unveiled at the June 24 event, it will likely be released later this year or early 2022. Based on the release model of previous versions of Windows, Microsoft will first need to test the beta operating system on the Windows Insider platform and volunteer users prior to releasing it to the public. People who want to experience the unstable version of Windows before the official release can register in the Windows Insider program.

The price of Windows 11 cannot be said with certainty, but since the price of this operating system did not change much from Windows 8 and 7, we can guess the price of Windows 11 from Windows 10. If Microsoft wants to release the same Pro and Home versions for Windows 11, you can expect the Home version of Windows 11 to be priced at around $ 119 and the Pro version to be priced at about $ 200.

Of course, there is also the possibility that, like Windows 10 for Windows 7, Windows 11 will be released as a free and optional update; Or the new features of Windows 11 come in the form of a package called the Feature Experience Pack, which allows the user to use the new features of Windows without having to download the full version of the operating system update.

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