What is Microsoft Azure and what features does it have?

Microsoft Azure is the second biggest platform based on Cloud which provides several services and facilities to users and helps them improve their organizations’ security and accessibility.

Azure, is a cloud platform (infrastructure as a service) and like other cloud platforms such as Amazon’s AWS and google cloud platform, provides businesses and developers with lots of powerful services and product integration tools. These tools are based on the cloud and run on remote servers. They can help improve the security and processing power of computers.

What is Microsoft Azure?

To understand Microsoft Azure better, you can examine the tools and services of Microsoft in this field. There is a range of tools in this platform and the most popular ones are pointed in the following:

  • Machine learning/ artificial intelligence
  • Database
  • Computation
  • Developing tools
  • Network making
  • Security
  • Virtual desktop windows
  • Analyzing tools
  • Blockchain
  • Memory
  • Internet of things

For example, a company can use Azure for storing the user’s data. Therefore, users can seamlessly move from their application on one device to another and maintain the continuity of their work.

Businesses can use the monitoring feature of Azure’s machine to detect objects and things from one perspective. You can use Azure to extract text from documents. In this scenario, data are transferred to Microsoft servers, that can recognize pictures, and the result will come back to the final user. Another example of Azure application is the data back up ability on Microsoft servers, how web, mobile applications, or managing several internet-connected devices.

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Microsoft Azure against Google Cloud and AWS

Azure is one of the few existing options for businesses and developers and also is the second popular platform based on the cloud. The biggest cloud platform is the Amazon Web Service (AWS) with 33 percent of the total market, while Microsoft has 16 percent and Google cloud has 8 percent. One of the reasons for Azure’s popularity is its applications on lots of other products. Now the question is, why we should start learning Azure?

The more you learn about platforms, the more users and clients will be attracted to you. Most big companies use Azure and this is why this platform has become a useful skillset for professional people. On the other hand, each platform has unique features that are not found on other platforms.

One of Azure’s advantages is its integration with other useful Microsoft tools including Office and Microsoft teams. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure has less cost for businesses and its pricing structure is easier and dependant on the usage amount which is why this platform and its services are useful for growing businesses.

How to use Azure

In the first step, this question arises: How can we set Azure and use it? the first step is the registry that can be passed via Microsoft account. Then, you have to verify your account with a credit card. However, if you only want to learn the primaries of working with Azure, you can make a free account. In this form, you will have access to several of Azure’s services for a year and you have to pay only if you need the premium features. You will also receive 30 days’ credit for paid services.

For people interested in using more of Azure’s services, there is a built-in pricing calculator. After setting up the account, you can go to the quick-start center. In this section, there are some step-by-step guides to basics. For example, by choosing to build a web app, you can see more options like Build and host a web app with Azure Web Apps or Deploy a container-based web app with App Service. Also, with the hamburger menu (the icon with three lines) you can access other features including the fast building of SQL database and Virtual machine.

Training and certification of Microsoft Azure for professionals

After accessing Microsoft Azure, you can try different services and learn everything from them. It is recommended to pass the Microsoft Azure training courses. Azure is a big platform with lots of features and several sources for training and the best Azure training courses are available from beginners level to professional. Furthermore, you can get ready for the entrance exam, since learning Azure can be a big advantage in your CV.

With Azure’s certification, you can prove to your employees and customers that you have a complete understanding of Azure’s tools and help them in implementing and maintaining the optimized solutions. There are 12 kinds of Azure certification that you can choose the best depending on the condition. For example, you can turn into Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist or choose Microsoft Certified Azure AI. The Azure exam is divided into three categories based on the knowledge level: Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert. The price of the Associate exam is about $165. Most professionals, consider Azure certification as a wise investment.


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