What games can you play when you are bored at home?

An exciting and fun group game can be the best option for spending time at friends and family parties and get-togethers. But choosing the right game is hard work. Therefore, in this article, we have introduced some group games suitable for parties and family gatherings.


If you can choose exciting topics to play, you will not want this game to end anymore. To start this game, you must first be divided into two groups, and in each group, in consultation with other members, you choose a topic. Then select someone from the opposite group and tell them the topic of your choice. He should also try to explain the matter to his group by chanting for a minute. If a group cannot guess the answer, one point is given to the opposite group and gets more points and wins at each group’s end. Use your creativity a bit and choose difficult topics.

Blindfold Guess

This game is also one of the best childhood games because they have to guess things with their eyes closed. The game method is as follows: a few objects are thrown into a container, and then each player is blindfolded and asked to take something out of the container with his eyes closed and touch it with his hands and guess What is it? Of course, before starting the game, they close the container so that no one is aware of its contents.

Guessing game

This game can be played both as a team and individually. First, the names of the game participants are written on a small piece of paper and folded. Then the folded names are poured into a container. Then everyone must choose one name from the box at random and define that person according to the name he/she has chosen according to his/her characteristics. The others will guess the name of the person according to the definition given by that person. And the winner is the one who guesses correctly.

Musical chairs

Although this game is one of the childhood nostalgias of many of us, you can do it in older periods. Consider the number of participants and arrange one less than the total number of chairs in a circle. For example, if you are nine people, put eight chairs next to each other in a circle. Play a song. When the song is over, everyone should try to sit in a chair, and the one who fails to sit down is the loser. Run this game a few times. Whoever wins in the last round wins the whole game.

Yes/no game

Another exciting and motivating game that requires high concentration and the joy and excitement it creates is the yes/no game. In this game, someone is chosen as the questioner, and another person has to answer his questions. The person should give opposite answers. If the answer to the question is yes, he/she should say no, and vice versa.

In this game, many questions must be prepared in advance so that the questioner can ask the questions without pause and successively and reduce the person’s concentration. In this game, the winner is the one who can stay focused and answer a lot of questions.


Everyone has four checkered cards, some of which have numbers written from one to them. There is also a white bag with beads in the same range.

In each round of the game, everyone gets a few cards, and one person takes the bag and starts shuffling the pieces. Then, for example, he pulls out three beads and reads their number. If the bead’s number is the same as the number of someone’s card, the seal is given to him to put on the same house. Everyone who fills his cards wins the game.

Lie or truth

Each player considers one lie and two truths about himself. Everyone sits together in a circle. The first person tells two truths and one lie about himself, and the person on the right has to guess which one of his statements is a lie. If he guesses correctly, the game will continue with him; otherwise, he will leave the game. Whoever stays in the circle until the end of the game is the final winner of the game.

Tug of war

Divide members into two teams; so that both teams are equal in terms of physical strength. In this way, playing the game will take longer and will be more attractive. Choose a rope of appropriate length and strength and give each end of the rope to the team leader. The team that falls or releases the rope is the loser. You can also draw a line between the two groups. Any team that enters the field of the opposing team is a loser.

Hot ball

Ask participants to stand together in a circle. Give the first person a small object like a ball or a box. Play a song. At the beginning of the song, participants must hold the ball. When the song ends, the person holding the ball will be the loser and will be out of the circle. The winner is the one who stays in the circle until the end.

Blind painter

In this game, people are divided into groups of two, and the members of each group sit back to back. The first person has a picture and the second person in each group has a piece of paper and a pen. The person holding the image should explain it to his / her group without directly referring to the image’s content, and the second person should write down what he/she realizes. In the end, the group whose painting most closely resembles the picture will win.

Laughter Control

Another fun game for family and friends is to resist laughing. Sit together and try and make the person next to you laugh. The condition for winning this simple group game is not to laugh.


One of the most popular and low-cost games is the two-player Morabaraba game, the materials of which are a piece of paper and a pen. This game is one of the favorite games of most children. If you want to enjoy your night more, try this game once.


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