What Are the Newest Electronic Gadgets?

Technological advancement is a never-ending process, and we see various new gadgets every day. These gadgets can solve lots of the problems we are facing in our everyday lives. Electronic gadgets can go a long way in helping us do our daily tasks. In this article, we will introduce some of the newest electronic gadgets.

Puppy Hachi Infinite M1 Projector

Image : prnewswire.com

You might remember your school or university days when you used big projectors to magnify slides on the wall. Thanks to recent advances, projectors have become a part of our everyday lives since we can have them in our homes to enjoy watching our favorite movies by turning our houses into a small cinema. Hatchi Infinite is a must-have gadget, and you can connect it to your android device to project your favorite files. The good news is that it supports Hulu and Netflix and saving you the irritation of trying to get a USB-C to HDMI.

Yeti USB Mic

Most of us are still using our wired microphones. These microphones usually do not have a high quality, and you might bother the audience. The need for a microphone has increased these days due to online platforms, and Yeti can fit all your requirements. The mic requires a small area on a desk, requires little more than plugging it in and switching the input to use, and it comes with various buttons to let you adjust your volume so as not to bother your audience.

CleanPod UVC Sterilizer

Image : cbsistatic.com

CleanPod UVC is a small handheld device used for sterilizing everything. It emits UV light and kills all types of germs on devices. You can use it to have a healthy and germ-free environment at your home. It is quick and easy to use.

Era Pro


Before the coronavirus pandemic, people paid attention to other areas of their healthy lifestyle. Era Pro is a device that evaluates the air you are inhaling, and it helps you ensure healthy air in your environment. Era Pod is designed to give you a safety rundown of the chemical compounds, from THC to terpenes. It’ll also remember your ideal dosage settings, making your cannabis intake much more manageable.

Hide Outlets

Image: hidesmartsocket.com

Isn’t it time that with the advent of IoT technology and its introduction into public homes, traditional wall outlets are being dismantled? Italy Innovazioni believes that the time has come for electrical outlets to be visually repaired after 120 years of looking awful, using one of the world’s most advanced gadgets.

Hide is a socket that was unveiled for the first time at CES 2020 to ensure that sockets will spoil the interior decoration’s beauty less than before. To achieve this, each socket must be slightly embedded in the wall. Of course, from an aesthetic point of view, We should keep many things out of sight. The company also plans to unveil its home automation, including smart features such as embedded CCTV cameras, air freshener sprays, induction cell phone chargers, and voice assistants for Google Assistant and Alexa.

Redison Senstroke Drumpads

Image: amazon.com

Imagine a child sitting behind a drum and trying to play a song with it. It’s very annoying, but what if these same kids become world-class drummers? There is a solution to this goal;

Senstroke is a virtual drum kit with the ability to connect to smartphones that connect sensors to multiple drumsticks. This musical gadget is suitable for practicing drummers, traveling drummers, and those who like to hear drums’ sound. Although you need sound insulation in your room to prevent noise, you should know that this gadget does its job very well. In addition to producing drums sound, the application records all the works you play in MIDI format to later use them in your projects.

Air PIX (air selfies)

Image: werd.com

We have entered decades where the use of a selfie stick no longer makes sense. It’s time for selfie drones. The recently awarded AIR PIX Innovation Award will be available in the US market for $ 100 and in the European market for € 76. This small 52-gram device, which is smaller than the iPhone X, can be lifted to 20 meters using turbofans.

The photos taken by this camera will have a resolution of 12 megapixels, and its videos will be in 1080P quality at a rate of 30 frames per second. This device has 5 flight programs, including manual flight, automatic flight, 360-degree independent automated flight, unplanned flight, and flight with the ability to lock on a specific subject.

However, the time to use this flying camera with each charge is about 6 minutes. Therefore, the duration of its use will not be too long. You need to know, with the purchase of this flying selfie camera, you will receive a carrying case and an 8GB Micro SD memory.

BH51 Neo Helmet

Image: resources.livall.com

The latest flagship of motorcycle and scooter helmets is the BH51M Neo helmet from Livall, available in the US for $ 169 and in the UK for € 129. The helmet, which is the new version of the BH51M, shows automatic LED lights on the front and rear for better visibility at night. These lights are activated automatically depending on the speed of the motorcycle or scooter. Also, when the motorcycle’s light is on, warning signs will appear on the helmet.

Other features of this smart helmet include crash warning, voice navigation, stereo speakers, one-touch response, indicator signals, smart lighting, smart alarm, automatic shut-off, emergency call, and wireless-like call capability.

BassMe Wearable Subwoofer

Image: ubergizmo.com

The market for wearable gadgets is great these days, from smartwatches to augmented reality glasses. Have you ever considered wearing a device that transmits bass music and other sounds directly to your body whenever and wherever you are? It is what the attractive 310g BassMe does.

Built to withstand the limitations of bass play through headphones, the device sits on the body with a soft connection and directly transmits various sounds. The device connects to the headset via Bluetooth or audio jack and is located on the right shoulder in the chest’s center. This subwoofer will work for about 9 hours with each charge.

Interestingly, BassMe is designed for gaming consoles, augmented reality games, smartphones and tablets, and home theaters. This device is now also available in some cinemas in the south of France.

August Smart Lock Pro

Image: gearsdeals.com

Are you always worried about forgetting your keys at home? August Smart Lock Pro is the answer to all your worries. You can use the app that comes with this gadget to lock or unlock your doors with just one tap. This gadget is easily attachable to your existing deadbolt inside your doors.

Final Words

The list of electronic gadgets is endless, and in this article, we introduced some of the best and handiest gadgets you can add to your house to enjoy a better quality of life. All these gadgets can help us with our daily worries; hence they can create peace of mind to concentrate on our essential tasks and activities.

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