What Are The Most Useful Gadgets in 2020

Every year we see a large number of new gadgets with advanced technologies. Gadgets make human life more comfortable, more attractive, smarter, and more fun, and create new habits in our lifestyles. In this article, we will introduce and review some of the best gadgets introduced in 2020.

The best technology for the disabled: Phonak Virto Black

Image : imgix.net

Audio technologies play an important role in gadgets, and Phonak has made an exciting offer called Virto Black. The Virto Black is a useful, practical hearing aid, but what impresses us is the balance between aesthetics and ease of use. In addition to helping the hearing impaired, the device can play music, make calls, and communicate with the Roger smart remote hearing aid. Virto Black makes life for you more than just fulfilling your basic goals, and that’s what all right technologies do. With this gadget, you can hear ambient sounds ten times better than usual, even amid noise and crowds.

The best digital health and fitness product: Withings ScanWatch

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This watch may look like an analog watch, but the Withings ScanWatch is a tool for continually monitoring your health. The heart rate sensor on this watch monitors your condition and asks you to check your vital signs with an ECG program if your heart is working abnormally.

It can also monitor your sleep patterns and monitor your sleep apnea symptoms with an internal sensor called SpO2. A device with all these benefits looks good, but the ability to charge for up to 30 days makes it worthy of being named the best digital health and fitness product.

The best-connected home product: Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Image : idgesg.net

With this device, you can connect to your home. The Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub makes your barbecue gas or charcoal a little smarter before you need to buy a new oven for barbecue celebrations. This device has four temperature sensors that send information to the application installed on your phone. From there, you can monitor the ambient grill temperature and several different cooking styles at the same time. It can even guide you through each step of the preparation and estimated cooking time, making your culinary art more up-to-date.

The best startup: Hydraloop

Image : futurism.com

This device is not only a modern decorative device in your home, but also a very sophisticated water purification system. Once installed at home, it takes over the drain and uses six extensive water treatment methods that can be sterilized in the bathroom, washing machine, pool, and even the garden. Hydraloop claims that using this device saves tens of thousands of liters of water annually for a family of four, which is suitable for their pockets and the planet.

The best wearable gadget: Olive Smart Ear

Image : oliveunion.com

This device is a hearing aid that looks like a wireless headphone and thus eliminates the shame and embarrassment of wearing a specific hearing aid on the phone’s back. Although the Olive Smart Ear is more cost-effective than a hearing aid, it can have other applications such as music playback, various hearing modes, and cordless telephones. Unlike regular wireless headphones, this hearing aid is sold individually, so you have to put it in one ear to hear better.

The best home show product: Dolby Vision IQ

Image : itigic.com

This smart home screen has everything you need for everyday life. Some of us prefer to watch a great show or movie in a dark theater room, but it is impossible. This TV seems to be the best for any space you are in. Vision IQ also offers various content, such as sports programs, documentaries or feature films, with settings that best match the content. It is the display technology that enhances each person’s experience in using home theater products.

The most unexpected product: Sony Vision-S concept car

Image : amazonaws.com

Sony had not introduced a primary product at the show for several years. With the company attending this year’s show, as in previous eras, everyone expected them to come on stage with an electronic product such as new TVs, speakers or perhaps a smartphone, but they unveiled a Project-S concept car in front of an astonished crowd. It had previously been rumored that Sony was planning to show the PlayStation 5 game console at the show, but eventually introduced a concept car. It was strange that so far they had been able to hide the construction of such a car from everyone.

The best robot or drone: Zero Zero Robotics V-Copper Falcon

Image : cined.com

Unlike other drones, the V-Copper Falcon is an upgraded bi-copter model that not only looks more interesting. It can even fly in the sky for 50 minutes; That means 20 minutes more than other competitors. The drone has two front-facing cameras to avoid obstacles and a 12-megapixel primary camera in a triangular gong for 4K video recording. It also has automatic features for programming movies and the ability to program and route.

Ultion Smart Lock

Image : isu.pub

Ultion smart lock has various capabilities and is very suitable for people who live in smart homes. This gadget receives instructions from the user and connects to the home system. If you do not want to touch your key or mobile phone with dirty hands when you get home, you can set the lock to open the door for you when you approach the house by connecting Bluetooth to the smartphone, or even when it is far away to lock. You can adjust Ultion smart lock for all family members.

Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor

Image : samsung.com

Curved monitors are the most attractive device for gamers. The high-end, high-end Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor is 49 inches wide, about the size of a large TV, but the elongated and curved monitor makes it not fit like a 50-inch TV and easily fits a medium-sized computer desk. To be accommodated. Odyssey G9 uses QLED panel. 1440p resolution, 1 millisecond response time and support for refresh rates up to 240 Hz are some of this monitor’s great features. Of course, Samsung has also added two dedicated gaming features to its monitor, these two support AMD FreeSync 2 graphics cards and NVIDIA G-Sync graphics cards.

Fisker Ocean all-electric car

Image : extremetech.com

Fisker introduced the all-electric Ocean (meaning ocean) car as the most stable vehicle in the world. This car has no pollution and all the components inside the room are made of recycled materials. Of course, the Ocean High Chassis falls into the category of luxury cars. There is a solar panel on the roof of this car so that there is minimal need for city electricity to charge the battery. The car reaches a top speed of 480 km / h and, according to the manufacturer, has a high range.

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