What Are The Best Home Security Gadgets?

A smart home needs smart protection. Manufacturers are setting new standards by making home monitoring devices smarter and more powerful in an effort to achieve up-to-date home security. Instead of spending a lot of money on professional CCTV systems that require installation expertise, why not consider these affordable home options?

We look at smart gadgets in this list that can provide you with easy access to most features of your home with a smartphone app. Some gadgets allow you to assign time-limited keys to guests, friends, and tenants. Smart devices with multiple sensors, high-resolution cameras, even devices that learn your daily tasks so they can understand what is not part of everyday tasks. Most of these gadgets warn you about any unauthorized entry and notify the competent authorities directly through the application.

A new era has begun, and you need protection so that you can protect your home and residence wherever you are.


Cocoon listens through subsonic technology and learns who owns your home and who does not. It is also compatible with pets. The cocoon itself provides multi-layered protection. It has night vision, a wide-angle HD camera, motion and temperature sensors, and a siren that you can activate from your phone. Besides, the application allows you to notify the police or one of the neighbors.

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August SmartLock

With August, you can turn your Android/iOS smartphone or Apple Watch into a virtual key for your home. August locks the door behind you automatically, no more looking for your keys. All uses are recorded in the system via dedicated keys so that you can track those entering and leaving by identifying their keys. August lets you allocate time-sensitive access to your guests or friends.

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Kibbi is a complete home monitoring system with a wide-angle HD camera, 1GB of storage, night vision, motion detection, temperature monitoring, and proximity detection function. Kibbi sensors can be attached to all doors and windows. Its capabilities can be enhanced with IFTTT, for example, the ability to turn on lights when a burglar enters the house.

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Novi may seem like just a smoke detector, but it also has three other features that make it a powerful home security gadget.

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The Novi has a motion sensor, a 170-degree HD camera that records when it crashes, and a 90-db siren when you need to capture a thief. If there is a problem, the new application will notify you via smartphone.


Bolt is a keyless lock that works with existing locks. Bolt lets you lock the door on your Android or iOS smartphone using low-power Bluetooth instead of the Internet. You can share access with family members or guests. Each use sends a notification to your phone. Furthermore, it helps open the door as soon as you get home.

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Unlike other gadgets, Haven is a lock placed at the bottom of the door and creates a powerful barrier to prevent unwanted entry. The Haven is made of steel and nylon reinforced with glass and aluminum. This smart lock comes with a Bluetooth keypad that you can press to lock or unlock the door. You can integrate Haven with other home security gadgets.

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Looking for a smarter, more stylish smart lock? Friday is available in 4 different designs: porcelain, wood, steel, and bronze. Friday is installed on top of your lock so you can use your keys again. Besides, you can issue electronic keys for temporary entry via Wi-Fi for friends or guests. Each login sends a notification, and you can check the lock status at any time over your phone.

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Kevo is a Bluetooth electronic bolt lock available at many retail stores and can also be purchased online. You can unlock this lock with a button on your smartphone (with the Kevo app). Besides, you can give temporary access to your friends with an electronic key. Kevo also works with Nest and therefore allows you to adjust the temperature of the house as well.

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Every movement detected in Canary’s night vision mode sends a notification with an infrared LED, allowing you to contact the appropriate authorities through the app easily. High quality recorded images (excellent for proving crime) can be viewed simultaneously and stored in the cloud for up to 30 days. It also has a siren that you can activate to make any thief or aggressor escape.

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The Piper uses a 180-degree 1080p camera to capture immersive video and has a motion sensor at work and a microphone to record audio. If a breach occurs in security mode, a siren will make a sound with 105 dB and sends a warning via SMS, email, or even a phone call. Piper also supports home automation and can be managed through the Piper app.

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A revolutionary smart home security camera designed to be aimed at the front door from your house’s interior, Welcome is equipped with face recognition technology. It not only provides you remote security monitoring but also alert you whenever your kids or elderly parents pass in front of the camera. You can create profiles for each family member and use the app to monitor who is at home and who’s away – not to be alerted if an unidentified person enters your home.

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iSmart Alarm

ISmart Alarm is a set of customizable devices to protect your home. The set includes a central control unit, motion sensors, a camera for simultaneous video recording and another for storing videos, contact sensors for doors and windows, and remote control. Choose a combination of alarm systems based on your budget. We can control the alarm system through the Android / iOS application.

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Samsung Smart Home

Samsung Smart Home is a combination package of 1 hub, one motion sensor, two multiple sensors, and one output. Combine all of these to give your home a simultaneous surveillance system.

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Samsung Smart Home can record videos and keep them for up to 30 days, and it is very easy to set up. Use it to monitor people or cars entering or leaving your home, especially those not authorized or planned.

Wyze Bulb

Sometimes burglars identify empty homes with their lights off. So you can buy some of these lamps to turn on the timer during the hours when you are not home and keep thieves away from your home. These lamps are cheap, and you can only buy one for $ 8.

Wyze Bulb review: An $8 smart home accessory that shines bright Review |  ZDNet

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, this intelligent doorbell uses Wi-Fi to connect to an app and give you a live view of your front door. Equipped with a wide-angle lens, the camera records in HD video so you can stay up to date with anyone (or anything) at your front door.

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