What are the best games to play on an iPhone?

This article will briefly introduce the best iPhone games released in 2021, which can be attractive and entertaining for the audience in different styles.

Every year, many games are released for iPhones and iOS platforms, some of which are successful, and some face failure. The great variety of games has made it difficult to choose from the available options, and we cannot find the so-called best iPhone or iOS game we want. In this article, we will briefly introduce some of the best iPhone games that have been released since the beginning of 2021.

1 – Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mobile iPhone Game

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service can be one of the best options for a friendly game atmosphere without fighting or action elements.

Commodity guarantee is the first and most important slogan of the single and multiplayer game. In this game, you must take a box or product and deliver it to its owners, but it is never that easy because you will have a lot of trouble delivering the product.

You have to take control of all parts of the hand and not fall with the package you have brought up with difficulty. However, there are cars in the game to carry the load that can help a little. The game becomes enjoyable and addictive when you experience it with your friends. We can introduce totally Reliable Delivery Service as one of the best free iPhone games.

2 – Path to Mnemosyne Mobile iPhone Game

Path to Mnemosyne Mobile iPhone Game

Another best iPhone game is Path to Mnemosyne by Crescent Moon. In Path to Mnemosyne, we go into the strange dreams of a little girl. In this game, you play the same girl’s role on a tunnel-like path for a very long time. In Path to Mnemosyne, you have the task to solve puzzles that are not easy and accompany the unique narrator, who sometimes speaks along the way.

The game has simple controls that can only be reduced to moving to the sides or jumping over obstacles. To solve some puzzles, just jumping on a set of keys is enough, while some puzzles require interaction with a combination of several keys. The creators have chosen the world of black and white with lyrical music, which makes the puzzle game Path to Mnemosyne unique. Path to Mnemosyne is undoubtedly one of the strangest and best offline iPhone games.

3 – Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Mobile iPhone Game

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

If you have seen the Game of Thrones series, you know for sure that its world is vast and includes many things. The game is made by Behavior Interactive studio. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall tells the story of the series 48 years ago.

The gameplay is strategic, tactical, and turn-based, so you have to choose each of the attacks in turn carefully. The game’s beautiful artistic design has given a special effect to each of the game’s struggles. If you are interested in the Game of Thrones collection and want to experience a good adaptation game, this can be a good option. Despite the end of the series, Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall’s experience as one of the best iPhone games in 2020 may not be without merit.

4 – Dirt Bike Unchained Mobile iPhone Game

Dirt Bike Unchained

In Dirt Bike Unchained, you control a motorcyclist, and you have to participate in various competitions. The game’s mechanism is so simple that you can control it with just one finger, and you have to use the same mechanism in various challenges.

In this game, which is one of the best iPhone games, you have various motorcycles and character personalizations, and you can get them by earning points. The game path is filled with challenging jumping platforms. The beautiful design of the game’s mountain trails is among the best features.

The game is published by Red Bull, which also has similar sports games in its repertoire. Dirt Bike Unchained is also visually appealing and offers good graphics and music to the audience.

5 – The White Door Mobile iPhone Game

The White Door Mobile iPhone Game

The White Door iPhone game is one of the best choices, which puts you in the role of a person who loses his memory following an accident and finds himself in a room after regaining consciousness, but he does not remember anything.

During this game, you must solve various puzzles determined according to the daily schedule and finally talk to a nurse. The nurse will ask you questions when she enters the room. To answer the questions, you must go around the room and find the answers to the questions. The game is graphically divided into two parts; The first part is related to the main gameplay in the room and the second part shows an entirely black and white world.

6 – Hidden Through Time Mobile iPhone Game

Hidden Through Time Mobile iPhone Game

If you are looking for the best iPhone brain teasers, Hidden Through Time may be the right choice for you. Hidden Through Time offers challenging experiences, where you must revisit the image repeatedly to find an item. In this game, you go on a time travel and encounter primitive humans, and you must discover listed items from them.

Some items are moving, and it is tough to find them due to the crowded game environment. There is also an exciting feature that you can design your role and place it on the game servers for other gamers to experience. It can attract more viewers. If you are interested in an intellectual game and want to test your accuracy, it is an excellent opportunity for you.

7 – Wilderness Mobile iPhone Game

Wilderness Mobile iPhone Game

Most game studios create games that want to entertain gamers with a lot of conflict or storytelling to attract a large audience. Wilderness, designed by Robert Kabwe, puts you in the heart of nature without doing anything special. You can have fun by walking in the heart of nature and exploring it, and more importantly, you can achieve good relaxation. The game does not have a specific story and is limited to just walking in its fascinating environments, which cannot be considered harmful in any way. If you are looking for a walking simulator game and need a lot of peace of mind, you will reach your goal with the Wilderness experience.

8 – Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Mobile iPhone Game

Disney Sorcerer's Arena Mobile iPhone Game

Disney characters are so numerous and attractive that their presence in various games becomes exciting. In Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, you must fight your opponent in each turn. Despite the limited characters at the beginning of the game, you can gradually release new characters.

Each of these characters has its forces, and you must be careful in picking this combination. In-game characters can be customized and upgraded. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, one of the best iPhone games of 2020, was developed by Glu Games Studios and quickly became popular among mobile gamers.

9 – Boris and the Dark Survival Mobile iPhone Game

Boris and the Dark Survival Mobile iPhone Game

This time we go to a little scary adventure game that can engage you with its riddles. In Boris and the Dark Survival, you play Boris’s role, the famous animated character, and you go on an adventure in an old animation studio.

Of course, you are not alone in this place, and at any moment, you may be attacked by a monster, and you have no choice but to flee. Despite being on the list of the best iPhone games, the game’s mechanism is a bit simple, and you must find different items and escape from the enemies. Of course, know that you cannot always run easily, and you must have enough energy, and the items in the game provide that.

10 – Forza Street Mobile iPhone Game

Forza Street Mobile iPhone Game

If you are looking for an exciting and entertaining car racing game, this is the best opportunity to experience Forza Street. The game’s story takes place in Miami; Several billionaires host nightly tournaments, and you must compete in these tournaments.

The game is a bit similar to the Asphalt game in appearance, but adding different elements tries to attract its audience. The game has various cars that you can get and personalize by earning points and money. Although the Asphalt series are some of the best iPhone games, Forza Street can be a good rival for them.

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