What Are The Best Free Games For Android In 2021?

With the increasing development of mobile games, we witness a widespread growth of the mobile games industry globally. This issue has made us see the release of various Android games on the Play Store daily. Increasing the number of games has made it difficult to choose a good Android game, which is why in this article, we have listed the games that are undoubtedly worth experiencing in their place. This article introduces various games in different genres, including intellectual, action, sports, puzzle, or strategy.

Call of Duty Mobile Android Game

Call of Duty Mobile 

We can introduce the Call of Duty Mobile game as one of the best first-person games released on Android. Call of Duty Mobile is an excellent game in many ways. It has excellent graphics and is supported on high-end and low-end handsets, thanks to its various settings.

In addition to the PC and console versions, Call of Duty Mobile’s mobile version also supports various modes such as Domination and Battle Royale. One of the game’s essential features is the presence of popular and large maps of this series in the mobile version so that in the beginning, the number of maps in this game was more than the console version.

Weapons also have a wide variety. By playing the game and buying Battlepops, you can get a lot of weapons for personalization. In terms of gameplay and flaws, Call of Duty Mobile now has a lot of variety after several seasons, and no matter how much you play, you will not get tired of it. If you are looking for a first-person game with online features to experience with your friends, Call of Duty Mobile is the best game you should download.

If you have Android 9 or higher, you can easily connect either the Xbox One controller or PlayStation 4 to play the game. You can download call of Duty Mobile game for free.

White Night Mobile Android Game

White Night mobile game

Unlike in the past, story-driven games also play a significant role among the best Android games these days. White Night game is a horror product from Playdigious studio that tells a traveler’s story in an abandoned mansion. Following the accident, the main character of the story is forced to enter an abandoned mansion. The story has in its heart memories that to find them, you have to go to the manuscripts scattered throughout the mansion.

The game consists of three colors: black, white, and red. White is a language of light that guides players to progress in the game, and with the help of which you can pass through dark rooms. The world of White Night has a scary atmosphere. The presence of monsters in the mansion makes it a bit difficult to navigate the game environment. In addition to discovering letters and searching for the environment, you should also try to escape from your enemies.

If you are looking for a scary game, White Night is a quality product with various puzzles combining

REDDEN Mobile Android Game

REDDEN Mobile Game

Before Limbo, we did not see many black and white games in the video game industry. The limbo game development sparked a new trend among independent game developers, resulting in the supply of quality products. REDDEN game is one of the best different Android games in the action style, narrated in a not so colorful world.

Unlike many games in which we play the role of humans or animals, here we have the task of controlling the arrows. Each stage of the game involves performing different activities, including reaching the end of the line, with the difference in the middle of the path, depending on the wind speed or the way the animals move. You have to control the arrow in such a way that all animals or enemies No longer pass.

REDDEN, which is one of the best Android games, has easy control in the early stages. But as you go through the stages, you will face new challenges in getting all three stars.

Prison Architect Mobile Android Game

Prison Architect Mobile Game

Simulation games always have particular fans. For this reason, developers always take a look at management simulation games. As one of the best Android games, Prison Architect game has already been released for non-mobile platforms, and finally, fans of management games were able to experience this beautiful game on mobile as well. In Prison Architect, you are in charge of managing and designing the prison where you have to build your prison from scratch in five steps and specify things like the boss’s appearance, the initial budget, and the size of the prison land.

In this game, players are faced with critical events such as a fire, a prisoner riot, or a prisoner conflict that must be brought back to normal by making the best decision. Like any other simulation games, the budget is part of the gameplay, and you have to manage the prison-like prisoners’ income and expenses.

Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest Mobile Android Game

Million Lords Kingdom Conquest Mobile Game

There is a big difference between strategy games on mobile and PCs, so most PC game enthusiasts do not go for this mobile gaming style. However, if you are looking for a game that can convey the feel of a strategy game to you, Million Lords will be the right choice. In this game, you have to expand your territory to attack other territories by increasing your defense power and planning.

Simulations of seasons, beautiful graphics for a mobile game, and differences in strategy in each season are among the features of Million Lords: Kingdom Conquest. Million Lords game is a free game that is one of the best Android games with support for in-app purchases for those interested in strategy works, and we recommend that you go for it.

Once Upon a Tower Mobile Android Game

Once Upon a Tower Mobile Game

Consider a remote tower guarded by a dragon day and night. But what is the story of this castle? Once Upon a Tower tells the story of princes trapped in a tower. Here, you must try to escape from the high castles in the role of a prince, but your way out is under your feet. During the game, obstacles and enemies both play a challenging role.

In a way, you should try to escape from the goblins and other guard creatures of the tower in 12 levels, in addition to avoiding the ruthless flames of the dragon. Of course, in addition to the 12 levels, an endless battle is also available for record-breaking. Once Upon a Tower game is a free product in the list of our best Android games.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Android Game

Dead by Daylight Mobile Game

It’s been a long time since Dead by Daylight was released on consoles. But now, after a long time, mobile players can also take part in this killer and survivor chase. During the game, one of the players plays the killer’s role, and the other players play the role of the survivors in a five-player online competition. Although Dead by Daylight did not look like a good game in the first days, we can introduce it as one of the best Android games.

During the game, the survivors must help each other find a way to turn on the electric motors to open the gate to escape finally. On the other hand, the killer must prevent the survivors from reaching their goal by slaughtering them. Players caught by the killer will still be able to be rescued by other survivors. Dead by Daylight Mobile is always worth a try, despite some drawbacks.

Heal: Pocket Edition Mobile Android Game

Heal Pocket Edition Mobile Game

Only an older adult can talk to young people about the passage of time and what happens in between. Heal game is about the passage of time wherein the role of an older man, you have to solve the strangest and sometimes the most challenging puzzles. Each of the clocks and signs on the wall can be a difficult puzzle of different numbers. Of course, riddles have a logic behind them, and you can understand them with a little thought.

The game has a 2D camera, and you always hear mysterious music everywhere in the old man’s adventure. Puzzles are a combination of numbers and a series of symbols. If you want a puzzle game with a whole number, Heal: Pocket Edition is one of the best Android 2020 games that you should not miss.

Space Shooter Mobile Android Game

Space Shooter Mobile Game

Older mobile players are well acquainted with Sky Force. An exciting shoot-up game that has now been released even for consoles. Of course, Space Shooter cannot be a great alternative to Skyforce, but if you are looking for a similar game, try Space Shooter. The space shooter has 9 spaceships by default with unique features.

The creators have also announced 48 different UAVs in this game, which are in different categories, from legendary to rare. Space shooter has fast gameplay, and the developers have been able to give a beautiful face to the stages with a set of effects. So, do not miss this game, which is one of the best Android 2020 games.

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