Viewing System Activity Statistics in macOS with Stats Software

Stats is the software designed for macOS to help the user have access to instant activity statistic related to different parts such as Disk, Processor, RAM, and network

There are some parts of every computer that users have to pay more attention to them, including CPU, RAM, Disk, and network usage amount. There is no simple widget in the system to give access to the user to examine the CPU and RAM usage. When users try to reach this information, they usually face complex software.

Examining CPU, RAM, Disk, and network usage

It has been proven that the best place to view the statistics, is the menu bar. As the result, users need a menu that can show the conditions of different sections. By installing free and open-source Stats software, users can have access to a menu bar that shows the CPU usage and …

To download, install, and activate this software, follow the instructions:

  • Download the Stats software from the Github site.
  • Install the program and move it to the software folder and then run the program.
  • After running it, the program will automatically start showing the system statistics. These statistics include the CPU, RAM, Disk, and Network usage amount in the menu bar.

Personalizing system statistics

Changing the color of each section

By the default settings, all the texts are white. Placing white texts on a black background will make the text readable. But makes the recognition of different parts of system statistics a little hard. To solve this problem, you can change the color of each section to quickly understand the usage condition of each section. In the following, you can see the steps for personalizing.

  • Go to settings
  • Enter the option you want to change the color
  • Open the Color dropdown and choose your desired color

Deactivating the statistics

If you don’t want an especial section to be shown, you can easily deactivate it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Stats settings
  • Open the tab of the section that you want to change its display mode
  • The first option in settings gives you little icons of the different display modes of system statistics. Choose one of them and see the result on the menu bar

System Activity Statistics in macOS


Stats is a simple tool for monitoring your system. It can give you access to the instant statistics of the main sections of your system. In this program, information can be easily seen and different personalizing options have been put to help improve the user’s experience. If you are looking for a similar program on Windows 10, Xmeters can be a suitable choice.

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