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Gaming mouses are one of the things that can be an advantage in fast games such as Apex Legends. You may wonder what do the gaming mouses deliver better than the normal mouses. The answer is mostly understood in shooting games like Valorant, where they deliver better accuracy and speed. Also, they come in handy when you need to press a button so fast, but you don’t have the time to find it on your keyboard.

The most important thing about buying a mouse is how comfortable is it with your hand. Even if you have the best gaming mouse in the world, you can’t use the advantage if you don’t feel good when wielding it.

In the following, we have provided a list of the best gaming mouses. This list contains our choices for the gaming mouses and we have tried to include at least one gaming mouse for every genre. However, this list doesn’t mean that other mouses are not good or not suitable for gaming.

In short words: you need a mouse that is comfortable with your hand regardless of the specification. Also, your hand deserves to wield the best, if it wants to be the best.

  1. Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Gaming Mouse (910-005469)

G502 is the world’s top-selling mouse and one of the best gaming mouses. It is lighter than most of the other mouses (122 g) and its accuracy is on a whole other level. It is designed to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, it will not make the hand tired and also increases your speed. On the other hand: G502 enhances the joy of playing.

As mentioned before, G502 is equipped with the most accurate sensor that Logitech has ever created, Hero 16k. This sensor helps to maximize detection speed. Its response in all DPI ranges with a maximum dpi of 16000.

11 programmable buttons and an onboard memory have been added to G502. As a result, you can program each button as you like. Set them to melee, crouch, and heal in your game. You can save up to five profiles.

G502 has a tunable weight system meaning that you can customize the weight and tune it the way you feel comfortable. 5 pieces (each weight is 3.6 g) are in the box and can be placed in a variety of positions including rear, front, left, right, and center. You can configure this by experience.

G502 contains LIGHTSYNC technology, a next-generation technology designed to sync the color of the mouse with the game, audio, team color, etc. to deliver the most immersive RGB experience ever. You can also customize the color from 16.8 million colors and even sync it with your other Logitech devices.

G502 has a one-year Warranty for both Parts and Labor.


  1. Lighter than most other mouses.
  2. Easily fits the hand.
  3. One of the most accurate sensors.


  1. Some of them don’t react well enough to double clicks.


  1. BenQ Zowie EC1 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports

A mouse with professional functionality designed to maximize your joy of playing. This professional EC series mouse is the result of extensive ergonomics research and collaboration with the best Esports players and was originally designed for competitions.

Zowie is designed in two sizes and can perfectly fit almost everyone’s hand. BenQ has considered both palm and claw grip users, so Zowie tries to comfort your hand. For palm grip users, BenQ has provided a natural curve as a support for the palm and fingers, and for the claw grip users, they have curved the back to provide an even contact surface to the lower palm for a better grip.

The cable used in the Zowie has a highly flexible interior to help protect against damage to the inner wire. 6.6 ft length of this cable, allows playing freely in a wide space without latency experience.

Zowie, the professional gaming mouse, is optimized for FPS Games with a 3360 optical sensor and 4 levels of DPI (400, 800, 1600, 3200). It can also be optimized in the gaming performance and report rate to fine-tune the mouse as you like it.


  1. EC1 gives more movement space.
  2. Hand-friendly design.
  3. Perfect movement tracker.


  1. No special light effects.
  2. Designed only for right-handed people

  1. Steelseries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

The first and most important thing is the new dual sensor equipped in Rival 600. Truemove3+ is the most advanced dual sensor ever created. It includes one optical sensor which has the 1 to 1 tracking system and the other one is an optical depth sensor that detects the slightest movement of the player. The optical depth sensor stops and starts tracking when you lift the mouse. Therefore, it prevents unnecessary moves.

Rival 600 has a tuning system with 256 weight configurations. You can set them as you like and create the perfect balance of any grip or gameplay style. Removable sides in Rival 600 help you easily place eight 4g weight and customize the center of weight.

The precision in Rival 600 is flawless. Also, 60 million mechanical switches and a reinforced split-trigger system make sure all of your presses are perfectly executed.

Rival 600 software gives you the ability to customize the 8-zone RGB lighting system which is almost everywhere in the mouse. This is one of the amazing features of this mouse.

Rival 600 has tried to make playing comfortable. For this purpose, the shape provides perfect comfort for long and intense gaming sessions.


  1. Excellent sensor.
  2. Superb side grips.
  3. Saving settings onboard.


  1. Slim and anemic side buttons.
  2. Very sensitive scroll wheel (prone to clicking).

  1. Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse

Allow me to introduce you to the mouse equipped with one of the most advanced sensors in the world. Deathadder has a focus+ optical sensor with 20,000 DPI. You may say that not always the higher number means the better quality and precision. But, in this case, it truly means better quality. This new sensor can detect the fastest movements, even if that means shaking your hand with the speed of light. This sensor can also work on both cloth and hard pads.

If you have ever used a Deathadder mouse before, you should probably know how’s the shape of these mouses. Despite years of production, this series shape has never been changed as they are so comfortable and easy in the hand.

Razer has used light-beam-based actuation in the DeathAdder v2, and as a result, it registers button presses the second you press them. Therefore, you won’t suffer from latency in your games especially when playing shooter games.

By having 16.8 million colors and supporting other Razer products, DeathAdder syncs with your gameplay, Razer Chroma-enabled peripherals, and Philips Hue products. This feature will lead you to have the best gaming experience.

There are eight programmable buttons on DeathAdder. You can remap them as you like and have the advantage of freedom in your games.

The Speedflex wire used in this Deathadder is one of the most flexible among others. Also, it has such a low weight that has significantly decreased the mouse weight.


  1. Registering buttons at the moment and without delay.
  2. Supports a variety of hand sizes.
  3. Perfect movement detection.


  1. Designed for right-handed people


The most important feature of this mouse is the design, as it is designed specifically for larger hands. Most people with larger hands have problems with mouses because they don’t feel comfortable working with one. Also, the shape of IronClaw makes playing enjoyable. The grippy rubber sides are the most comfortable parts of IronClaw. It feels cozy to move it around your mouse pad.

IronClaw has the most advanced gaming sensor of Corsair with 18000 adjustable DPI. This feature lets you have total sensitivity customization and ultra-accurate tracking.

The latency in IronClaw is extremely low. Therefore your button presses will react as fast as possible, giving you an in-game advantage in shooting games and perfect for FPS games.

IronClaw has seven programmable buttons that can be customized the way you are comfortable. However, there is no on-board memory for you to save them and you have to save them on the software on your device.

Ironclaw also has dynamic Two-zone RGB backlighting with lots of customizable presets and effects so that you could experience the ultimate joy of gaming.


  1. Great comfortable fit for larger hands.
  2. Highly responsive with tactile buttons.
  3. Perfect detection of movement


  1. No onboard memory
  2. Not a good software

Final words

As mentioned before, you need to pay attention to the comfort level before anything. If you have big hands, Corsair IronClaw RGB maybe the right choice for you. However, Logitech G502 HERO and Steelseries Rival 600 give you the ability to customize the weight and choose the best weight.

Due to the lots of explanation about palm grip and claw grip, it might not be a bad idea to explain them:

  1. Palm grip: most of your palm and fingers rest on the mouse
  2. Claw grip: your wrist rests on the mouse pad and your fingers have the mouse. Your palm almost doesn’t touch the mouse.

So, now that you have understood the difference, choose the best mouse for yourself and enjoy.

Hope this was useful for you.


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