The Way To Lock or Encrypt a Folder in Windows


Many of us have important data on our personal computer and need encryption to protect it at present. Most PC users hide their personal files to prevent others from accessing them. This solution can be used in the short term for basic purposes and to prevent children from accessing it, but it is by no means a safe and reliable method. Here are two safer ways to encrypt and lock folders in Windows.

• Use of the Windows Encryption feature

However, by default, Windows does not provide a tool for encrypting folders, but using Encrypt in Windows, you can restrict other users from accessing the contents of files and folders. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on the desired file or folder.
  • After selecting the Properties option, go to the bottom of the first tab (General) and click the Advanced button.
  • In the window that opens, check the box in front of Encrypt contents to secure data to encrypt the contents of your folder.

Should be mentioned, this method only restricts other Windows users from accessing your files. If you share your account with another person or someone else logs in to your account in any way, they can still have full access to all your information without having to enter a password.

• Use of ancillary software

Folderlock Software

Another but more effective way to encrypt files and folders is to use ancillary software. Folderlock is one of the light and free software for locking folders. Folderlock helps you to access all your encrypted files and folders by setting a general password called master password, in which case you do not need to remember different passwords for different files. Folderlock, despite encrypting files and folders, also has the ability to make real-time backups in the cloud.


VeraCrypt is another free and useful software for locking personal files and folders. VeraCrypt also has the ability to put a password on important data, as well as the ability to hide part of the computer’s storage space as a secure drive.

SysTools Folder Key Software

SysTools Folder Key is another free and easy-to-use software for locking folders in Windows.
” .NET Framework 3.5″ is necessary to install it in Windows 10 & it is only problem of this software, which you can download it from the Microsoft site or here.


Secret Folder software is one of the best free tools for encrypting personal files. SecretFolder may seem to have fewer features than similar software, but do you really need all these extra features or are you just looking for a simple way to lock your personal folder? One of the unique features of the Secret folder is Protected Uninstall, which prevents other users from deleting the software, and finally the user needs to enter a password to uninstall the software.

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