The Way To Create a Temporary or One-time Email


Temporary or one-time Email is used for short-term and temporary uses where the users does not want to occupy the main mailbox. Sometimes it happens even for you who want to register on a website or application, but do not want to enter your original email to register. In other words, you need an email to enter a service for a short-time, and that, you want to not expose your main email to the occasional advertising messages of that service or website.

Moreover, because we hear a lot of news about hacking & infiltrating the database of various services, entering the original email can put the risk of personal information being disclosed. So, in such cases, temporary or one-time email is widely used. There are several services on the Internet that allow you to quickly create a temporary password-protected email.

There are many simple ways to create a successful email, such as creating a temporary Yahoo email or changing your Gmail settings and filtering emails, or creating a completely anonymous one-time email, when you need to provide a temporary address. The following study in vmatechs we describe how to create a temporary email.

What is a one-time email?

As you know, most online services require email addresses at present, and in many cases, by providing email addresses, they always expose themselves to annoying messages and spam promotional emails.

There are two possibilities that your personal email inbox will be exposed to unwanted messages:

  1. Hacking and infiltrating the database of the desired service and stealing customer information
  2. Selling your email to advertising services. Using a one-time email or a temporary email prevents unwanted messages from entering your primary email address.

With such emails, you will have an email address that works separately from the main inbox. You can use a temporary email for each service separately, so that if information is disclosed in any of them, you will be notified by tracking the emails sent. Needless to say, many one-time email services redirect incoming messages to your primary(original) email address, while others use the email address for a short-time for temporary use, such as registering with a less important service, which is also useful.

Gmail: Creation of an alias account

In Gmail, it is possible for users to create email with aliased addresses that they can create by adding some symbols. This feature allows you to give aliases to various people and accounts and then filter them in the main inbox.

To do this, you must add a “dot” or “plus” sign in the middle or end of the email address. To create an alias account in Gmail, for example if your address is, you can enter the address or an address by adding a + sign to the service. Suppose you want to subscribe to a website newsletter and you want to make sure that website only sends you newsletter emails. In this case, instead of your main address, announce the address to the desired service.

Airmail: Disposable email with random address

Airmail provides you with personalized, one-time emails, while focusing on privacy. This service creates a temporary email with a fixed password that the user does not need to specify a password to open incoming emails. By entering the Airmail website (the Airmail website has been moved to getnada), you will see the following page.

As shown in the figure below, the website has a temporary email address by default, and you can copy and use the one-time email address. The way to create a new temporary email in Airmail: Click the “Add Inbox” button on the right side of the image. In this case, the website gives you a temporary email address that can be used by other accounts. Moreover, there is the ability to change the suggested address, which belong you if available.

MailDrop: Creation of temporary email fast

MailDrop is another great way to get your email up and running quickly. Temporary email addresses hold incoming messages for up to 24 hours, and messages are deleted if you have no activity for 24 hours. The way to create a temporary email in MailDrop: First you have to enter the desired address in the top box of the website and enter the inbox. Because this temporary email has no password and only the address can be used to check the inbox, MailDrop disposable email is not very secure and is useful for trivial applications.

One of the limitations of MailDrop is to receive only 10 messages, no more, and the size of each message should not exceed 100 KB. MailDrop deletes incoming email attachments, so it is not suitable for creating online storage space.

Yahoo! Mail: Dedicated one-time email

In its email service, Yahoo also offers the user the ability to create disposable emails with dedicated URLs. Yahoo’s approach is different from Gmail and is not a nickname for the original email. All emails received at Yahoo’s temporary addresses are logged into the main inbox and can be filtered. Yahoo’s one-time email addresses include a first name and a keyword. All URLs you create will be structured as

The original name or base you create for Yahoo Temporary Email will be fixed and cannot be deleted or changed. Follow the steps below to create a Yahoo disposable email.

  • Log in to your account and in the “Settings” section, enter the “More Settings” sub-category and then “Mailboxes”.
  • Click the arrow icon next to “Disposable email address” and then select Add.
  • Then, in the “base name” and “keyword” section, enter the words you want. As well, in the “Sending name” & “Description” sections, write additional descriptions for your one-time email.

Repeat the above steps to add any new disposable URLs to Yahoo! Note that the initial base name is the same for all URLs and only the keyword changes. To delete any one-time email URL, go to the same settings section and select the URL, select edit or delete and change the specifications or delete the URLs.

To send an email with one-time URLs in Yahoo, when sending an email from the “Comose” menu, click the arrow button next to the main email URL and select one of the temporary URLs. As mentioned earlier, the above services are general examples of temporary email. You can try other free services by searching the internet. As a result, one-time emails are more effective for applications that are less security-focused.

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