The Way to Convert PDF Files to JPG or Other Image Formats


Converting PDF to JPG is one of the first cases people need to transfer documents in an easy and readable format for all devices. Sometimes you have a PDF file and your device (PC or smartphone) does not have the appropriate software to open the format. Because many devices today support PDF files by default, some older devices may not have this feature. Finally, image sharing is always easier than PDF files, and converting PDF to JPG can be the best solution to the existing problems. Converting PDF to JPG format is one of the practical solutions in this field.

There are many tools and software in computers and online services for converting PDF to JPG and are available to users that make the conversion process easy at present. Most people have probably wondered at least once: How to convert PDF to JPG? In present study in vmatechs, we describe the step-by-step steps of converting PDF to JPG, especially for the familiar and popular JPG format.

Convert PDF to JPG via website

There are many benefits to converting file formats to each other through online services. In most cases, PDFs can be converted to photos for free through websites, as well as through a variety of personal computers and smartphones. Needless to say, online services have limitations, and the maximum convertible volume per time is limited.

Finally, PDF-to-JPG conversion is easy to do on conversion websites. There are several websites on the Internet for converting PDF to image. A simple internet search with a phrase like “Convert PDF to JPG” displays a detailed list of websites to do so.

One of the most popular websites with an easy-to-use interface is the “SmallPdf” website, which converts a PDF file into JPG in a few simple steps. This website has other features such as reducing PDF file size, splitting PDF files, combining PDF files and partially editing them that can be used.

To convert PDF to JPG, first enter the link. In the window in the middle of the page, click “Choose File”. Selecting this option will open a window from which you can select the desired PDF file from your computer. You can also drag and drop the desired file into the window. In addition, you can upload PDFs from cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive in this section.

convert smallpdf file

After selecting the file and the upload operation as shown below, you will see the file name on the left side of the window. In this step, by selecting the “Convert entire pages” option, click on the “Choose Option” button.

convert smallpdf

Depending on the size of the selected file, after a few moments your file becomes a collection of images and the website prepares them for download as a zip file. In this step, you can download all the JPG photos together in a zip file or select other options such as sending the download link and emailing the file and receiving the JPG individually.

The Software to convert PDF to high quality JPG

If you want to convert PDF to JPG or other image formats through PC software, there are several options. Free options include TalkHelper, Boxoft, and PDFMate. Each piece of software can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

PDF to JPG Converter software has a variety of limitations, including the fact that most of them are not free and the file size or number of pages is limited, and others require the installation of additional software. However, Boxoft software is a good option that requires additional software downloads; But it offers several options for output settings.

pdf acrobat jpg

Another option in Windows is Acrobat software, which is installed on most personal computers as the primary software. This software has easy steps to convert PDFs to photos, which in the Export section, easily convert the file to your favorite photo format.

There are easier options for converting PDF to JPG on Mac than Windows. No additional software is required on the Mac, and after opening the PDF file in the default Preview software, it can be converted to the desired format using the Export section.

Converting files to online tools is always the best solution for situations where you do not have access to local tools. In most cases, downloading additional software may be associated with traffic and even security costs. As you see above, online tools easily convert PDF files to JPG and many other popular formats.

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