Seven Tricks for Faster and More Accurate Typing on iPhone

Typing is not difficult on iPhone; however, it is always possible to type faster and more accurately by doing certain things. In this article, we will review seven practical tricks for typing on iPhone.

If you are typing with your iPhone most of the day, it is better to know that you can increase your typing speed by using some tricks. The good news is that you do not need to install a separate application to speed up typing, and everything is done through the phone’s default software. According to an article on the 9to5Mac website, some tricks can improve the typing experience on iOS, especially when sending long texts in iMessage.


When you type, you will see a bar at the top of the keyboard that predicts your typed text. If your typing speed is not fast, we suggest keeping this feature enabled. Thanks to this feature, you can type words quickly. QuickType learns your writing over time and becomes smarter.


Slide for typing is a feature that has been offered in the Android operating system for years and has recently been added to iOS. To use the feature, you can quickly swipe from one letter to another to see how QuickPath shapes words. After you have typed a word, you can start typing another word in the same way; because the space button is pressed automatically.

Text Replacement:

Remember that we said earlier to check the keyboard settings? Go there and tap Text Replacement. Here, you can make another phrase appear when typing a specific phrase. For example, you can specify to replace “On my way” when typing omw.

Clear Type:

This feature seems like an interesting trick and is worth a try. When you write something you do not like, shake the phone to clear the typed text. You can also Undo by swiping three fingers on the screen to the left and the Redo function by swiping three fingers on the screen to the right.

Move the cursor: 

To add a word to a sentence, place your finger where you want the word to be added. However, if you want to act faster, press and hold the Space option, and then move your finger on the keyboard.

Quick access to numbers:

The button labelled 123 is at the bottom left of the phone screen, allowing you to access numbers and symbols quickly. Did you know that if you hold your finger on this option and select the desired number at the same time, the keyboard will return to QWERTY?

Uniform Keyboard:

If you love big phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max; but you have small hands, tap the globe option at the bottom left and hold your finger. This feature selects the keyboard that is more to the left or more to the right.

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