How to Sharing Apps and Games on Android

Do you want to share the app on your Android device? In today’s article, we will describe to you how to share apps on Android.

Nowadays, apps and games on smartphones are considered a big part of people’s everyday lives, hence sharing the apps you use during the day with other friends might be something normal. It is straightforward to share apps with other users on Android. You might say the name most of the time, and your friend has to search it in the PlayStore. There are easier ways to share a game or app with other Android users, which we will introduce in the following.

Share the app with Nearby Share

It is among the best Android features similar to AirDrop available on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS. There is no need to have a network to share your apps or games. You should be close to your friend to be able to send him your favorite apps. The Google Play Store provides you with the Nearby Share feature to send apps and games to other users. It is convenient and enables you to send files directly through the App Store.

To this end, run the Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet. Then, you need to tap the hamburger icon on the top left for opening the drop-down menu.

Sharing Apps and Games 1

Select My Apps & Games from the menu.

Sharing Apps and Games 2

You will be redirected to Updates pages, and here you can select the Share tab.

Sharing Apps and Games 3

You have to tap Send to start working with Nearby Share.

Sharing Apps and Games 4

Android might ask you to grant access to your location in Google Play. Select “Continue” to give access.

Sharing Apps and Games 5

Afterwards, select one of the licensing options to continue the process.

Sharing Apps and Games 6

Then, it will show you a list of all the apps and games installed on your Android device. Choose the one you want to share, then select the Send icon located in the upper right corner.

Sharing Apps and Games 7

The other user must open the Play Store and select the Share tab. The only difference in the procedure is that he/she should choose “Receive.”

Sharing Apps and Games 8

Now, you need to select the device which will receive the app.

Sharing Apps and Games 9

Then, a code will be displayed on both devices. If the code is the same on both devices, select “Receive.”

Sharing Apps and Games 10

The application is now uploaded, and the receiver can tap “Install” to have it installed on his/her device.

Sharing Apps and Games 11

All is done, and you can end the connection.

Sending a direct link from Google Play

This method is more straightforward but is mainly used when the recipient is not close to you. The second method is also done through Google Play. Find the app or game you want to share, and tap the three-point menu in the upper-right corner.

Sharing App Google Play 1

Next, you must select the Share option from the menu.

Sharing App Google Play 2

Your phone will display the Android sharing menu. You can select the Copy to save the desired link and send it as a text message to your contacts on social networks.

Sharing App Google Play 3

That’s all you need to do to share the app you want. The user can select the link and enter the app page in Google Play.

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