How to Save a Website as a PDF File in Windows, Android, and iOS?

We are going to review saving method of web pages in Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Sometimes for more research or study of a long article in offline form, you are intended to save a page of an especial website as a PDF file. Such action has become easy due to today’s web browsers. In fact most of outstanding web browsers have the capability of creating PDF file from web pages to be provided to users.

Here, we are going to review savomg method of web pages in Windows platform, in addition to that of iOS-based and android smart phones, as well as tablets.

How to Save a Web Page as PDF File in Chrome Web Browser?

Works have become very simple for those users applying Chrome web browser. In fact, users are allowed to save their favorite web pages in PDF format with no plugin used. Proceed with the following stages in Chrome browser in order to save any desirable web page in aforementioned format.

Step one: Upper right part of the page there are three dots over each other and clicking this icon you will see “Customize and Control Google Chrome”. Click it and select “Print”. To make quicker access to “Print” option, you can simultaneously press Ctrl and P on keyboard.

Step two: A page would be opened to you from where you would be able to print the page or create a PDF file from texts, images, and contents of desirable web page. There is an option called “Destination” in the page, providing you with aforementioned conditions. To save concerned web page in PDF, select “Save as PDF” in “Destination”. The page opened provides you with preview of PDF file so that the results from changes would be clear before saving the file.

Step three: If you are intended to make some changes in file output, you will be provided with various options in “More Settings”. Just click it so that different sections would be accessible to you.

Step four: After making changes concerned, click “Save”. In a new page, you will be asked about where you are intended to save your file. Selecting proper drive to save your PDF file on, final stages would be ended.

How to Save a Web Page as a PDF File in Microsoft Edge Browser?

In chrome version of Microsoft Edge browser, method of savomg a web page in PDF format is taken into consideration. As far as old version of the browser is no more supported by Redmond Microsoft Campus, no training would be provided based on the old version. To save an especial web page in PDF, proceed with following stages:

Step one: Go to the web page concerned. In upper right of the browser you will see an icon similar to three dots placed over each other. Click “Settings and More” and then select “Print”. To make quick access to this page, you can simultaneously press Ctrl+P on keyboard.

Step two: A page would be opened providing the user with printing option and saving the page as a PDF file. At right part of the page, you are provided with “Preview” option so that before final saving, you can see last changes applied. From “Printer”, select “Save as PDF”.

Step three: From “More Settings”, you can make access to more elements to edit your PDF file including size of page e.g. saving the page in size A4.

Step four: After final changes, choose “Save” and specify storage drive on computer memory.

How to Save a Web Page as a PDF File in Safari Browser?

Two methods are provided by Safari Browser as for saving a web page concerned by user in PDF format so that user saves the PDF file upon his desire. our users are provided with both methods explained hereinunder:

First Method

Step one: Using Safari Browser, go to your concerned web page. From “File” in toolbar, click “Export as PDF”.

Step two: In the page opened, select PDF file name and place for its saving and then click “Save”.

Second Method

If you are intended to make some changes before creating your PDF file, another method which is somehow longer would be provided by Safari.

Step one: Open your concerned web page. Select “File” from upper toolbar and then “Print”. You can also use keyboard to press Command and P simultaneously so that the print page would be opened to you.

Step two: You can save and print your file as PDF in opened page. Moreover, “Preview” is another option provided to see PDF file concerned so that changes applied would be observed before saving. From left bottom of the page select “Save as PDF”.

Step three: in continuation, you will be asked about name of PDF file and where to save it. Entering these two, you can save your file.

How to Save Web Page as PDF File in Firefox Browser?

From among browsers referred to, there is no build-in capability in Firefox as for saving web pages in PDF form; so, you have to use “Microsoft Print to PDF” in Windows 10. Of course many plugins have been presented for Firefox, providing user with the feature of creating PDF file. Some applications featuring web pages as PDF file also can be used. Anyway, you can use following method to save a web page as PDF, using Firefox:

Step one: Open your concerned web page via Firefox. From upper right side of the page click on three dashes placed over each other. Then select “Print”. For quick access, you can press Ctrl and P simultaneously on keyboard.

Step two: A page would be opened. Primarily, select “Print” from upper left. Then select “Microsoft Print to PDF” from opened page and click on “Print”.

Step three: A page would be opened, asking you name and place to save the PDF file on. After entering the name and selecting the storage drive, use “Save” to store PDF file.

How to Save a Web Page as PDF File in Opera Browser?

Opera provides users with the simplest and most convenient method of saving web pages in PDF format. In continuation, method of saving PDF file via Opera browser would be referred to.

Step one: Using Opera browser, open your concerned web page. Now, make a right click and from among options shown, choose “Save as PDF”.

Step two: A page would be opened asking you name of PDF file and place to save it on the memory. Entering proper name and saving place, choose “Save” so that a version of concerned web page would be saved as PDF.

How to Save a Web Page as PDF File in iOS System via Safari Browser?

Safari Browser in iOS provides user with the possibility of creating a PDF file from his/her concerned web page through stages mentioned below:

Step one: Using Safari, go to your concerned web page. Choose “Share” option.

Step two: Click “Options” in opened page.

Step three: Choose “PDF” from among options shown and then select “Save to Files”.

Step four: Select where to save the file on memory and save concerned file.

How to Save a Web Page as PDF File in Android System via Chrome Browser?

To save web page as PDF in android system and iOS, there are many methods and even applications developed to this end. However, here we are looking for simplest methods. Like web-based version, Chrome Browser also provides users with built-in feature to save web pages in PDF format. In continuation, saving stages of concerned web page by user as PDF file via Chrome Browser on android system will be dealt with.

Step one: Using Chrome, go to your concerned web page. From upper right, select triple dots icon and then choose “Share”.

Step two: Choose “Chrome Print” in opened page. This acts like printer and comes with the word “Print”.

Step three: Choose “Save as PDF” in new page. Review concerned settings such as page size, color, and etc. and make changes if required.

Step Four: After editing, choose yellow colored PDF icon in the page. Concerned web page would be saved in smart phone memory as PDF file.

How to Schedule File removal from Recycle Bin in Windows 10 and MAC?

Emptying Recycle Bin in Windows can be considered as a measure to empty storage memory. Do you know that removing files from recycle bin can be also performed automatically and upon schedule?

Using one of internal features of Windows called “Storage Sense” you can save storage space in device. Of course, this would be done automatically through making the setting on for automatic deletion of files on daily, weekly, and monthly bases.

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