How To Fix The Problem of Screen Burn-In?


Problem of screen burn-in or image residue on plasma and LCD TVs (meaning the images remain on the screen) can be partially remedied. On some monitors, if the image remains fixed on the screen for a few days, the image will remain on the screen later, and this problem will never resolve on its own, and this is called image burn-in or screen burn-in.

This problem occurs when a number of pixels are used more than other pixels and their color is slightly different from the color of other surrounding pixels. So, in such teems, the damaged pixels cannot change color.

Problem Solving Methods

• Use of white image

If your screen is damaged, you can capture a completely white image and hold it on your TV for 12 to 13 hours. Constantly switching between black and white colors with random patterns can help remove the image ghost. But if the problem is severe and serious, this solution cannot solve the problem. Some TVs have the ability to do this better. In today’s advanced televisions equipped with this technology, shocks are applied to the screen and the screen surface is filled with these random patterns.

• Use of pixel shift or screen shift

Some of today’s displays are equipped with pixel shift technology (screen change) or screen shift (screen change) that slightly changes the image and pixels used. If your TV is equipped with this feature, you must enter its settings to enable this feature. Pixel shift is a simple and effective feature to prevent the irreversible problem of image burn on LED and OLED TVs. This feature can also be used to solve the problem of LCD shading. Newer TVs have the ability to refresh the screen, which can prevent image retention or image burn.

• JScreenFix tool for fixing the problem of computer monitors

Using JScreenFix software is the best way to solve the image burn-in problem right now. Although this software is designed to fix the problem of burned pixels; But the newer version of the software, JScreenFix Delux, is also effective in resolving the image burn-in problem and can be used to extend the life of LCD and plasma TVs.
JScreenFix Delux is free; But if you want to use it for more than 20 minutes at a time, you have to pay $ 25 to buy a software license.

If you are unsure whether your display pixels are burned, burned pixel detection software such as UDPixel can help (you must have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed to use this software). But if you do not use Windows or do not want to use software, you can use online tools such as the LCD website (to use this website, first use Flash, and if you are using Google Chrome browser, then click on the circle icon or the lock icon next to the address bar and click on the “Settings” option, find the word “Flash” in the “Permissions” section and select the “Allow” option from the drop-down menu in front of it). On this website you can test your screen in black, white, red, green and blue.

• Use of white screensaver

A completely white screensaver is also a good way to fix the problem of image burn-in; Because a solid white color can solve the problem of image burn-in. This method is mostly used to remove image residue (not to mention, this method is not able to solve this problem, it only reduces its intensity a little and makes it imperceptible), but you can use it to fix the image burn-in problem. If your TV has faced image burn-in and you have a laptop, first connect your laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable and display the desktop on your TV and wait a few minutes to see if this solution can solve your problem.

• Fast video playback with different colors

Playing fast videos with a high variety of colors for a few minutes to half an hour can be effective in solving this problem. This method is also used to solve the problem of phone and tablet screens.

• Turning off the display

Sometimes turning off the monitor for a few hours can fix the problem. We recommend that you keep the monitor off for 48 hours if you would like to do so. This method is also used to fix the problem of phone and tablet screens (our recommendation to solve this problem is to turn off the screen of your phone for at least an hour).

• Use of after-sales service

If your monitor has a warranty or after-sales service, you can ask an authorized professional to fix the problem. Some companies also offer these screens with a guarantee of replacement with a healthy device.
To solve the problem of phone screens, despite the suggested methods, you can use the applications available in “GooglePlay” and “AppStore” to solve your problem. One of these applications is OLED Tools (to solve the problem of image retention). If none of the above solves your problem, you have no choice but to replace the display.

The best way to prevent image burn-in

Each of the solutions introduced in present study, depending on the type of monitor and the severity of the problem, can solve the problem of image burn-in. When this problem is severe, it will not be completely resolved and only its severity will be reduced.

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