How To Find Who is Following or Unfollowing Us on Instagram

There are some ways to find out who is following your Instagram page or unfollowing it and we are going to review them in the paper.

Instagram is considered as one of the most popular social networks with numerous advocates. Currently, millions of users all around the world spend their time searching on Instagram for videos and stories shared.

Simplicity in usage and its unique features have led to increasing popularity of Instagram. User can create a personal page through which to communicate other members in this social network or to share his/her life routines with other people.

From among important points to Instagram members, reference can be made to the numbers of followers i.e. those people following them or vice versa. Here, we are going to teach you some points through which you can make access to the list of people following or unfollowing you.

On Instagram and as far as you would be followed by somebody; you will receive a notice. You will not receive a notice regarding name of those people unfollowing you; however, you can see whether person of interest still follows you or not?

To do so, you can go to his/her page on Instagram. If he/she is not followed by you and he/she is still following you; you will see (Follow Back) in front of his personal account.

This means that concerned user is still following you. If that person would be followed by you, you will see (Following) option which will not make it clear if he/she is also following you or not?

To see if concerned user is following you or not; you have to select “Following” option from your home page. In that page opened, you will see a list of your followers. In search box, you can type ID of concerned user and find him/her in the list.

In the list, you can even eliminate followers so that their access to your contents would be prohibited. Naturally, a person is not following you, if his/her name is not in the list.

Using THIRD PARTY Applications

In addition to mechanisms provided by Instagram; there are such applications like Followmeter with almost more options, provided. So, we are going to take a look at Followmeter and some of its features.

Installing the application and making it synchronized with your user account on Instagram; you would be granted with some interesting options which make its free version even worthy of try. Of course, maybe the only disadvantage of the application is no accessibility to previous information. Only information recorded after synchronization with your user account would be presented.

Free Version of Followmeter Application- Options

  • Providing a list of persons following you
  • Providing a list of followers unfollowing you
  • Providing a list of users followed by you
  • Providing a list of persons not following you back; and,
  • Providing a list of your followers not followed by you

In paid version of the application, more options are available. For example, a list of those people can be referred to who have checked your Instagram page or those people blocking you. Life time subscription cost of special version of Followmeter has been declared to be 99.4USD in its formal page. However, there is no limit in terms of usage made of free version; and you can take advantage of its features.

Hope you have found the paper useful. Please do not hesitate to provide us with your views and comments. To download Followmeter, you can use Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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