How To Find The Serial Number Of Apple Devices in Different Ways


Do you want to find the serial number of your iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices? Present study aims to teach you different ways to find the serial number of Apple devices. Needless to say, all Apple devices have a unique serial number and include a large number of letters and numbers.

You need this serial number to check the warranty of your device, you can also use it to access other information you need. Fortunately, there are ways to find the serial number of Apple devices that make it easy for you.


Common locations for Apple products serial numbers

Before introducing complex methods for finding a serial number, we must first teach the simpler methods for finding a serial number. Normally, these options work when the device is linked to an Apple ID account or you have purchased that ID. These methods can work even if you do not have physical access to the phone.

Apple ID Website

You can get the serial details of your phone, which includes all Apple devices, from the Apple ID website, but unfortunately it does not include accessories such as the AirPad. To download, you can use a computer to log in to the Apple ID website, and finally, enter your username and password to log in.

If you use two-step authentication, you will need to enter another security code to access your account. After logging in, go to the Devices section, below is a list of all your Apple devices. To view details such as serial number, select one of the devices.


Apple ID Settings

Another way to view the serial number of Apple devices is through the iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch settings. Should be mentioned, in this method, as in the previous method, it does not show the serial number of accessories such as AirPod.

On Apple devices, enter the settings and select your name at the top of the screen to display the Apple ID settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the devices, and click on one of them to see more details about it, such as the serial number.

On a Mac, click System Preferences, open it, and finally click on Apple ID. You can see the devices that use your Apple ID account in the sidebar. More details about it, such as the serial number, can be seen by clicking on it.


Finding the serial number from the box of the device

If you have just purchased your Apple device, you can see its serial number in the barcode insertion section. Of course, you must thoroughly inspect all parts of the device box. Also, make sure that you do not confuse the serial number with the UPS. If you do not see the serial number using the common methods mentioned, follow the steps below.


Finding the serial number of Apple devices

If you have direct access to your Apple devices, you must enter the settings (Settings) and then from the General section, select the About option to access the serial number of the device; This unique number is included with other device information.

If your Apple device is turned on but you can not open the settings section, you can connect the device to the computer and then access the serial number. To do this, use the USB Lighting cable to connect the device to the computer, do not forget that this connection will be through iTunes.

Then open iTunes or Finder and select your device to view information about it. In iTunes, the device serial number is in the Summary section. In the Finder, you must click on the gray text at the bottom of the device name to see the serial number of the device.

Finally, if the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch does not turn on, you can see the printed or engraved serial number on the device. Either check the back of the device downwards or you can remove the SIM card holder and check its location. You may find the IMEI number on your iPhone or iPad network, but you will not be able to access the phone’s serial number. IMEI identifier consists of a series of unique numbers that can be used to identify the device used instead of the serial number.

The way to find the serial number of MacBook, iMac and Mac Pro

If your Mac device is turned on and you have physical access to it, you can search for the serial number in the Apple menu as follows: All you have to do is click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and select About Select This Mac. In this section, important information such as the serial number of the device can be seen. If your Mac does not turn on, you should find the serial number printed below. To find the serial number on your iMac, you can look around.

On older Mac Pro models, the serial number of the device can be easily seen on the back panel and under the video ports. Another popular Apple product is the Apple Watch.

If you want to see the Apple Watch serial number, open the Settings app and select the About option from the General section to display the Apple serial number. If this is not possible for you, you can find the serial number using an interconnected iPhone; On the iPhone, log in to the Apple Watch app and then select the My Watch section; To view the serial number, select About from the General section as soon as possible.

If your Apple Watch device is not active and is not connected to an iPhone, you should look for the serial number around the body and the edges of the sensor along with the internal location of the device slots.

The way to find AirPad and AirPad Pro serial numbers

Easiest way to find the serial number of the Apple AirPad and AirPad Pro is through the settings app on an iPhone, provided that a connection is created between them and the iPhone. Once it is open in your AirPad case, enter the settings and select About from the General section. Then scroll down and select your AirPad to display the serial number for them.

If it is not possible to reconnect the AirPad to the iPhone, the serial number inserted inside the AirPad frame can be seen. Should be mentioned, the serial number is listed at the bottom of the AirPad in a very small and fine, unless your AirPod is the first generation.

The way to find the Apple TV serial number

Use your Apple TV home screen to get the serial number; To do this, you need to enter the settings, then the general section and finally select the About option. If you do not have the conditions to do so, you can view the serial number from the Home app on another Apple device. Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac and tap and hold on Apple TV, then scroll down to see more details, including the device’s serial number.

The way to find the serial number of Apple HomePod

If your Apple HomePod is connected to the Apple Home Network, open the Home appg on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, tap and hold on your HomePod, then scroll down to see the serial number. do. Moreover, the serial number of the device is printed on the bottom of the device.

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