How to Find Prescription Number of Glasses by Smart Phone?

Maybe, you are intended to find your forgotten prescription number of glasses at home and with no reference to be made again to optometrist. Stay with us so that the application would be introduced and its usage method would be explained to simply find out the way.

If prescription of a physician would be lost, there would be no other choice than referring the doctor again. However, if prescription of an optometrist with your number of glasses on it would be lost but your lenses are in good status, do not be afraid; because, at home and using computer and cell phone you can install a software to find out what the numbers of your glasses are. Of course, in order for a confirmed prescription, you have no choice rather than referring to your optometrist.

Find Prescription Number of your Glasses

In order to find prescription number of your glasses at home and during shortest time possible, you need computer, android or iOS smart phone and credit card or a card with similar size for precise settings and a perfectly lighted room.

It has to be noted that since you have to have your glasses at hand the whole time test is performed, smart phone has to be located somewhere in fixed position and its display to remain on permanently; you are required to make necessary settings.

Installing Ling Rx Software

چگونه شماره عینک را با گوشی هوشمند پیدا کنیم

  1. Install Lingo Rx on your phone. The application is available for both android and iOS systems.
  2. After installing the application on your phone use your computer to open this page.
  3. Scan QR code available in our computer display with Lingo Rx installed on your phone.
  4. After scanning, set the page size equal to size of your credit card.
  5. Put credit card on your computer display and within rectangular network formed of six dots so that those six dots would be exactly the same size as your credit card.

Now put your phone (while Lingo Rx is running on it) in front of computer display and in a distance from it so that rectangular formed of six dots on computer display would be placed within phone display framework. Please do not forget, this rectangular network has to be exactly placed within framework of your phone. It has not to be bigger so that some points would be placed outside the display; instead, it has to be much smaller than framework of your phone display.

We take your attention to the point that, nothing including your glasses or hands has to be located between phone camera’s lens and rectangular framework formed of six points. Now take the following steps:

چگونه شماره عینک را با گوشی هوشمند پیدا کنیم

  1. If your cell phone would be too close or too far from rectangular on your computer display; you would be notified by the application so that you can find appropriate distance.
  2. Now, remove your glasses and put it between phone camera lens and computer display. Make sure that two circles within rectangular would not be observable through lenses of glasses.
  3. Follow instructions made by application in relation to making glasses close to or far from rectangular and displace it upon what you are instructed to do.
  4. After scanning is ended, the result would be analyzed by application.
  5. When you are asked by application to take a selfi with your credit card, put it on your forehead over your eyes and do it.
  6. The results obtained by application would be observable on your computer.

Accuracy Level

چگونه شماره عینک را با گوشی هوشمند پیدا کنیم

In reality, how much the numbers obtained by application can be precise? According to the above report, it is claimed that:

We have also tested the application and found out that the results are completely precise. Numbers shown by the application have been completely conforming to those prescribed by optometrist.


Performing test with this application has some limitations as well, being completely explained at home page of it. If numbers of glasses would be out of negative 6 for myopia and up to positive 3 for hyperopia and more than 2.5 for astigmatism, detecting correct numbers of glasses by the application is not possible. In case numbers of glasses would be higher than above mentioned numbers, there would be no output by the application.

Also according to the Report:

Such limitations also have been proved through tests. Numbers of glasses being higher than negative 6 means severe myopia and about positive 3, it means average myopia. However, positive 5 would be considered as severe hyperopia. Precise measurement out of aforementioned values is not possible by cell phone and referring to optometrist would be best idea.

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