How To Disable Cortana And Delete The Private Information From Microsoft Servers


Cortana is known as one of the most widely used programs in Windows 10, which tries to improve performance by collecting daily user information. This method may not be welcomed by many users. By introducing its voice assistant called Cortana, Microsoft has sounded the trumpet against the voice assistants of Google, Apple and Amazon. In Windows 10, you can say “Hey, Cortana” to ask Cortana questions like weather forecast, search your files or the web, or check your emails and calendar. Moreover, if you are not bored one day, you can ask Cortana to tell you a joke!

Despite all the positive features, privacy is an important issue in all digital assistants. For example, Cortana needs your personal information in order to familiarize you with your behavior and to optimize the execution of your commands, and is collecting personal information from users on a daily basis. The information collected by Microsoft Digital Assistant includes contacts, calendar, email, location, browsing history, favorites, texts you type, and more.

Although Cortana is an excellent voice assistant, with time and access to what is being said, she can work better every day than the day before; But in this regard, many users pay more attention to privacy and are not interested in collecting their data by digital assistants. This article aims to teach you how to disable Cortana and delete the data collected on Microsoft servers.

• Disable Cortana

Deactivating Cortana is easy and has no special complexity. To deactivate Cortana, go to the path below.
Settings -> Privacy -> Speech
On this page, turn off the Online Speech recognition option.

• Deletion of personal information from Microsoft server

To delete all personal information stored on Microsoft servers, go to the Privacy section of your Microsoft account. When you log in to your account, a page like the one below will appear. You can clear all your history from the Microsoft server in this mode.

• Prevention from the collecting personal information by Microsoft

If you no longer want your personal information to be sent to Microsoft, follow these steps.
Go to Settings -> Privacy.

Part 1: General

Option 1: Allowing applications to target ads.
Option 2: This option allows sites to display content based on a list of selected languages.
Option 3: By analyzing your behavior when using apps in the Start menu and search, it suggests the apps you used the most.
Option 4: Used to display a series of suggestions from Microsoft and is located in the settings section.

Part 2: Speech

We turned off this option in the first step. This option is used by Microsoft servers to access sounds recorded by Cortana and other applications that use Microsoft voice recognition servers.

Part 3: Inking & Typing Personalization

This part is used to review and store handwritten manuscripts and typed content. If this option is turned off, Windows will no longer be able to suggest content in the near future (this feature is more useful in touch mode).

Part 4: Diagnostic & feedback

This section is also used to check for Windows bugs and report Windows bugs to Microsoft and allow them to fix the bugs reported by this section in future updates.

This section includes three important sections:

Basic Option: Selecting this option sends detailed information such as computer information and settings to Microsoft.

Full-option: This option, in addition to the information mentioned above, sends information such as applications, websites, computer health information, and Windows and PC errors to Microsoft.

Improve inking & typing option: This option sends typed and handwritten data to improve the performance of Windows for Microsoft.

Part 5: Activity history

This section is useful for synchronizing the Windows timeline section with other computers that use a shared account.

Store my activity history on this device Option:
By selecting this option, all your activities to be saved in the computer’s internal memory.

Store my activity history to Microsoft Option:
This option stores all of your data on a Microsoft server.

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