How to Create an Attractive Story on Instagram

These days, posting stories on Instagram can be considered a part of the daily life of the users of this social network; but creating interesting stories requires knowing the points that we will mention in this article.

The popularity of the Instagram social network in the world is not hidden from anyone. This social network operates under the supervision of Facebook and has several features that users can use to help their Instagram page grow as much as possible.

Instagram story is a popular feature of this platform that allows users to upload 24-hour content; that is, content that followers have only one day to watch. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Instagram stories were surprisingly well received by users, and statistics show a significant impact on page growth and increased interaction with the audience.

Obviously, when most of us use the Instagram storytelling feature, having compelling stories will win over the audience. In this article, we will point out the tricks and tips that can help you make more interesting stories.

Stay Within the Limits

Making interesting stories is like coloring a children’s coloring book. In order for the appearance of your stories to be in the center of the audience’s attention, you need to put each element in a specific and permissible range; otherwise, you will lose the attention of other users to that element. The top of your story for other users is your profile picture and username, and the bottom is for the Reply box, and placing any other element in these sections will take that element out of the user’s focus. Fortunately, Instagram has placed lines to alert you and display sections of the user’s focus in the Instagram editor environment, which are displayed by moving various elements such as text and stickers to sections that are thought to be fixed elements.

Don’t Place Everything in One Story

In many cases, we have a lot to say to our audience, and the fear of leaving multiple stories forces us to include our content in one story. Hence, the elements we have included in our story will be smaller than the standard size, and this will cause the audience to reject it at first glance. In such cases, when you know the volume of your content is large, it is better to divide it into several sections and share it with your audience in several stories.

Create Stories with Graphic and Photo Combinations

Due to the variety of Instagram users, stories including graphic content and real photos have their own fans. Although it is not possible to easily assign one of the two to each page, we suggest that you create variety with the help of both styles. The mere use of graphic components or various images in stories often creates very compelling stories; But it is also good to create your stories from time to time with a combination of these two, namely graphic elements and real images. If you are one of those people who prefer to use real photos for storytelling, in addition to your own photos you can use some resources like Unsplash to find free quality photos.

Create a Transparent Background for Photos

One way to make the combination of photos and graphic elements more interesting in an Instagram story is to put a transparent background between the two. To do this, first upload the photo you want into the story editor environment, and then by selecting magic from the brushes menu and selecting the desired color and holding your finger on the screen, apply a clear color layer on the photo and then put graphic components and text on it.

Use Suitable Fonts and Colors

If you want to have interesting stories, you have to use the right fonts and colors. For fonts, depending on your theme and taste, you can choose one of the fonts of the Instagram story editor. To choose colors, it is better to go for color combinations that have a good contrast with each other. If you are unfamiliar with the world of colors, you can use services such as Coolors that offer a variety of color palettes.

Use More Colors

If you go to the Color List of Instagram editor to change the color of your text and font, Instagram has made 27 colors available to choose from; but do not limit yourself to them. If you hold your finger on one of those colors, you can access more colors.

Add Shadows to Your Texts

One way to make text in Instagram stories more appealing is to create a shadow effect for headlines that can grab the attention of many users. Of course, keep in mind that if all of your story text is shaded, it can be annoying to the audience.

To create a shadow effect in the text, you must first write the text and copy it. In the next step, by pasting again, you have to write the same text as the shadow of the first text, with the difference that you use a different color for it and put the second text below the first text.

Don’t Forget to Use Boomerang and Superzoom

Boomerang and Superzoom are two attractive Instagram features that can create interesting stories for you at different times. Using boomerangs and superzooms has always been a popular way to create compelling stories.

Using Boomerang, you can record a 2-second video so that the tool reverses it to create an attractive loop for the story. Superzoom is also commonly used when we want to draw the audience’s attention to a particular person or object. Superzoom gives you various zoom-centric effects in the middle of the frame.

Use Instagram Filters

One of the attractive features of Instagram is the possibility of using different filters. If you are a blogger and you share the images and videos of your face in your stories, you can use Instagram filters to make your stories more interesting and different.

To use Instagram filters, you can access the filters stored on your account by swiping the shutter key on both sides of the Instagram Story Editor environment. With the last option on the right, you can enter the Explore environment of Instagram filters to search for the filter you want in addition to the popular filters.

Use Different Instagram Brushes

By default, Instagram gives you four different pens, the first of which is the magic tip icon, the second is the flash icon, the third is the less sharp magic icon, the fourth is the magic pen icon, and the fifth is the eraser for clearing mistakes. Using all four of these brushes can help make stories more interesting in different situations and make a difference to other people’s stories. Of course, you can use these tools to create creative stories by making use of your creativity.

Use Instagram Stickers and GIFs

In many cases, the text cannot share our feelings well with others. In such cases, the best way is to use Instagram stickers and GIFs, which you can access by dragging the Instagram story editor page from the bottom up or selecting the sticker icon from the top menu of the editor environment. Note that Instagram gifs are powered by the GIPHY service, which you must use IP change tools to access in Iran.

If you have decided to make stories a place for your followers to interact more, do not forget to use the stickers that Instagram has provided for you for this purpose. The question box and the two-choice bridge and the Quiz sticker are exactly the stickers that are used for this topic.

Use Apps and Templates

If the appearance of the stories is very important to you and your business, and you are not interested in working with the graphic design force, using applications and templates is the best solution. Instagram story templates are PSD files that were previously designed and published by a graphic designer, and some of them are free and some are ready to download and use for a fee. Note that using Instagram templates requires a relative knowledge of the Photoshop software environment.

Special Instagram content apps are content design apps for Instagram posts and stories that, thanks to ready-made templates, can best meet your needs for engaging story design. The Canva app is a successful example of this category of Instagram-friendly apps.

By following these tips and tricks, your Instagram stories will be significantly more engaging than ever.


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