How to Create an Attractive Story on Instagram

Nowadays, sending stories on Instagram has turned to a part of this social network’s daily life, but creating exciting stories requires knowing the points mentioned in this article.

The popularity of the Instagram social network is known to everyone all over the world. This social network works under the supervision of Facebook and includes several features that users can use to help enrich their Instagram page.

The story is one of the best features of this platform that allows users to upload 24-hour content that followers can only watch for one day. Unlike many people’s beliefs, Instagram stories were surprisingly well-received by users, and statistics show a significant impact on page growth and increased interaction with its users.

When we use the Instagram story feature, having interesting stories will catch the audience’s attention. Here, we will delve into the tricks and tips that can help you make more interesting stories.

Stay Within the Limits

Making interesting stories is like coloring a children’s coloring book. It would help if you placed each of your elements in the center of the frame to catch your audience’s attention since you might lose their attention. Your profile photo is placed on top of the page, and the reply box is at the bottom. Hence, if you put any elements in these parts, you will face problems such as taking that element out of the user’s focus. It is interesting to note that Instagram shows some lines to warn you and displays the parts under users’ focus.

Don’t Place All in Just One Story

It happens that we need to say a lot to our audience, and since we fear adding several stories to our content, we include our content in one story. Hence, the elements we have included in our story will be smaller than the standard size, and this will cause the audience to ignore and not heed the content at first glance. In such cases, If you know the volume of your content is large, it is advisable to divide it into several parts and share it with your audience in multiple stories.

Create Stories with Graphic and Photo Combinations

Stories with lots of graphic content and real photos have their fans. Although it is impossible to assign one of the two to each page, we suggest that you create variety using both styles. Using graphic components and different images in stories can help you create fascinating Instagram stories; however, combining these two to make your stories is also good. If you are among the group of people who prefer to place their photos for their stories, you can use some resources like Unsplash to find free quality photos in addition to your photos.

Creating a Transparent and Vivid Background for Photos

There is a way to make the combination of photos and graphic elements more attractive in an Instagram story, and it is to put a transparent background between the two. First of all, upload the image you want into the story editor. By selecting magic from the brushes menu and selecting the desired color, holding your finger on the screen, applying a transparent color layer on the photo and then putting graphic components and text on it.

Use Suitable Fonts and Colors

If you want to have exciting stories, it is necessary to apply the right fonts and colors. The choice of fonts depends on your taste and the theme you are working on it. It is advisable to look for contrast while choosing colors. In case you are not good at selecting colors, a service called Coolors will help you with various color palettes.

Apply Different Colors

If you go to the Color List of Instagram editor to change the color of your text and font, you can see 27 colors that you can select from; but there is no need to restrict yourself to these colors. Holding your finger on one of those colors, more shades of that color are shown for you.

Add Shadows to Your Texts

Another way to make texts more appealing is to create a shadow effect for headlines that can grab many users’ attention. Of course, keep in mind that shading the whole text of the story can bother the audience.

To achieve the shadow effect, you have to write the text and then copy the written text. You should then paste it and write the exact text as the shadow of the initial text, but you should select different colours for it and put the second text below the first one.

Don’t Forget to Use Boomerang and Superzoom

Boomerang and Superzoom are two attractive Instagram features that can lead to interesting stories for you. They are widely used for creating engaging stories.

Boomerang allows you to record a 2-second video so that the tool reverses it to create an attractive loop for the story. Superzoom is also commonly used to draw the viewer’s attention to a person or object in the story.

Use Instagram Filters

Different filters are among the most attractive features of Instagram. If you are a blogger and share your face’s images and videos in your stories, you can use them to create exciting stories.

You can easily access the filters stored on your account by swiping the shutter key on both sides of the Instagram Story Editor environment. By choosing the last option on the right, you can see various Instagram filters for your stories.

Use Different Instagram Brushes

Instagram has four different brushes for you to write your stories. The first one is shown with a magic tip icon. The second one has a flash icon, the third is the less sharp magic icon, the fourth is the magic pen icon, and the fifth is the eraser for cleaning. You can use all of these brushes to make stories more attractive in different situations. Adding a bit of creativity can go a long way to ensure an exciting story.

Use Instagram Stickers and GIFs

In many cases, the text cannot convey our feelings. In these cases, Instagram stickers and GIFs can help you. Note that Instagram GIFs are created by the GIPHY service, which is not accessible in some countries, and you have to use some tools to change your IP address.

If you want to make stories a place for your followers to communicate, you can place the stickers that Instagram has created to this end. Question boxes, two-choice bridges, and quiz stickers are among some of the most commonly used items.

Using Apps and Templates

If you are looking for the best appearance for your stories for the sake of your business, and you don’t like to work with the graphic design force, using applications and templates is the best solution. Instagram story templates are PSD files that were previously designed and published by a graphic designer, and some of them are free, and some are readily available, and you can use them free of charge. Remember that you need some knowledge about Photoshop to use Instagram templates.

Some apps are suitable for designing various contents for Instagram posts and stories that, thanks to ready-made templates, are eligible to meet your needs for creating an enjoyable story. The Canva app is an excellent example of this category of Instagram-friendly apps.

By following these tips and tricks, your Instagram stories will be significantly more engaging than ever.

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