How to convert the PDF files to PowerPoint (PPT) & vice versa (PPT to PDF)

Needless to say, PDF and PPT (PowerPoint) are two important formats in the field of learning and training. Present study aims to train a method to convert PDF to PPT and vice versa. Although PDF files are one of the most widely used file formats in the world; But converting this file to PPT is not an easy task and requires skill. If you want to convert an educational PDF file to PPT, know that it is possible to do so. At Zoomit, we will introduce you the methods to convert PDF file to PPT or PPT to PDF. Stay with us.

  • Converting the PDF file to PPT

There are two simple ways to convert a PDF file to PPT: 1- through the web and 2- through the desktop App.

  • SmallPDF

By the little web search, you can find complete and easy tools to convert PDF file to PPT or vice versa. However, we recommend the SmallPDF tool. According to the tests performed, the performance of this web tool in converting PDF file format to PPT was excellent and had a good performance. This tool has other important and valuable benefits. In the first step, it is completely free to use and will not keep any of your files on its servers, and if you want to re-download the file you want, do not worry, the files will only stay on the servers for an hour. This tool is completely web-based and cannot be installed on the system.

PPT to PDF 1

To convert the PDF file to PPT, first log in to the SmallPDF website, then select the “All Tools” option at the top of the screen and click “Convert from PDF”, and finally click on the “PDF to PPT” option to begin the conversion process of the file. You will now see a yellow box. There are three ways to upload the files you want to change the format and you can choose one of them to add the file.

PPT to PDF 2

Note: If you want to add a file from “Google Drive” or “DropBox”, you must issue the confirmation for SmallPDF access. If you want to do it, download the PDF to your computer and then upload it in the web. Once you selected the desired file to upload, the file format conversion process will begin. The larger the original file size, the longer the PDF file upload time, and vice versa. Once the file is uploaded, the file conversion process begins and the conversion time depends on the size of the PDF file.

PPT to PDF 3

Eventually, you will see the results page and you can download your new desired PPT file directly to your computer. Should be mentioned, it is also possible to save in Google Drive and DropBox. If you want to convert the second file, just click on Start Over.

  • Wondershare PDFelement

You should know, there is currently no suitable program by default to convert PDF file to PPT on desktop. Developers’ logic is very simple, so few people will need to convert such formats to each other. Now, the question arises: which program can be suitable to convert PDF to PPT? In previous part, we mentioned SmallPDF, which was web-based; But this one is a new program and it has great capabilities. iLovePDF and Adobe Pro DC are well-known tools for converting PDF to PPT files. If you want to choose between these two apps, “Acrobat Pro DC” is definitely a good choice; But you have to pay $ 15 in each month to use it. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, “Wondershare PDFelement” may be the right choice for you. You should to pay up to $ 60 to use this tool; You pay once and you can use it actively forever. Note that trial periods are available so that you can analyze its possibilities well.

PPT to PDF 4

To convert PDF to PPT file, run the program and open the original file. Then click on the Home tab and select the “To Others” on the right, in which case the saved dialog text will be displayed, you select the PPT file in the “Save as Type” drop-down menu and click Save. Depending on its size, it may take some time to convert the file format.

  • Converting the PPT to PDF

In the previous part, we explained how to convert a PDF file to PPT and got acquainted with it; It is not bad to get acquainted with the method of converting PPT file to PDF. Just open your PPT file and then click on the “File” option at the top left of the page. In this step, you must select the “Export” option to enter the settings.

PPT to PDF 5

Go to the “Create PDF / XPS Document” section as shown and select the “Create PDF / XPS” option.

PPT to PDF 6

In new window that appears, select the location where you want your file to be saved. In the “Save as Type” box, you will see the name of the Pdf format. There are probably two options that will catch your eye, and that is on the right side of the window.

Standard: By clicking on the “Standard” option, your final file will be saved in standard quality. This option is suitable for when you want to publish it online or just need a printout of it.

Minimum Size: By clicking the “Minimum Size” option will lower the quality of your file. It is also a great option for online selection. Receiving the final file in a small volume can also be suitable for sending online.

PPT to PDF 7

Eventually, by clicking on the “Publish” option, you can easily download your file to the specified location.


PDF and PPT files are two very important files that are used in various fields, especially educational. Converting these two files to each other may be one of the needs of users and it is easy to do with the mentioned steps.


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