Familiarity with Samsung Magician to manage Samsung SSDs

At present, SSDs are expanding every day in the world of memory. As one of the major players in the SSD memory industry, Samsung launches a variety of NVMe and SATA products each year. The Koreans are not unaware of the software for their memory either. Ordinary users use two Samsung Data Migration software to quickly convert (a simple migration) to Samsung SSD and Samsung Magician to manage these memories. Samsung Magician software is software that runs under Windows and has memory management features such as firmware updates, health monitoring, optimization and performance benchmarking software that can be used with a beautiful user interface. The sixth and final version of Magician is visually better and more beautiful than before. In this version, the tools have been arranged more regularly and some new features have been added to it, such as troubleshooting, which we will explain in the following. This software supports Samsung memory and only the Performance Benchmark section is available. Some features are only available for certain models.

Samsung Magician supports both MBR and GPT partitions. To view the limitations and considerations of using this software, you can refer to the following link. The following features only work if the file system is NTFS:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Diagnostic Scan
  • Over Provisioning
  • RAPID mode

Samsung Magician 1

To introduce the different sections, let’s start with Drive Information. In this tab, there is a summary of the storage memory information connected to the system, and the first noteworthy item is the memory health display, below which is the amount of writing on the memory. SSD memory life is directly related to TBW or the amount of information written on it. Green and yellow indicate complete memory health and the presence of some defective blocks in memory, respectively. Red also means preparing to swap memory and back up data. Temperature display is only available on some models. In the following section, a series of general information about the remaining and used volume of memory is shown along with the benchmarked results.

Samsung Magician 2

If you click on any of the connected memories, you will enter the “Drive Details” section where the user can see the serial number, firmware, AHCI Enable for SATA memories and interface type, despite knowing the capacity, temperature and health of the memory. In the Performance Benchmark section, there are two types of random and random file transfer tests for writing and reading, which provide the user with a good overview of memory performance. As well, storing different tests in the history of this section allows the user to compare its performance at different time intervals and detect performance decline from it. This benchmark is applicable to all memory connected to the computer, except for flash drivers.

Samsung Magician 3

The new section of “Diagnostic Scan” with two modes of “Short Scan” and “Full Scan” helps to check the status of memory errors. The first case checks the integrity of the data by writing a gigabyte file and comparing it to the original file in about 20 seconds. The other mode checks the state of memory errors by reading all the logical addressing of the blocks. This test may take a long time. Needless to say, only four Samsung SSDs support Diagnostic Scan.

Samsung Magician 4

Most SSD manufacturers use a feature called Over Provisioning to improve memory performance and life. The controller uses the temporary space provided by Over Provisioning to simplify the rewriting process on a block and find empty space. Part of the nominal capacity of the memory is the ability to do so, which increases both the performance of the device and its lifespan. Should be mentioned that Samsung’s default is 10%, which can be increased up to 50%.

Samsung Magician 5

In the Over Provisioning section of Samsung Memory Management Software, if part of the capacity is allocated to this feature, it will be displayed in a light-colored capacity chart. Also, the percentage of memory allocation can be changed through the Custom section, and the process starts with the clicking on the “SET OP”. If you need space and this feature is not important to you, click the “Clear OP” option. In the Performance Optimization section, the two features RAPID Mode and TRIM are easily available to the user. RAPID mode only applies to some memory (see table) and dynamically optimizes I / O processes and ultimately improves system performance through special techniques by dynamically analyzing applications and data transfer behavior. This process is completely automatic. As you know, TRIM technology enables the operating system to alert SSDs of erasable blocks that can both improve performance and extend memory life.

Samsung Magician 6

Secure Erase tab in the Data Management section is used for those who want to sell their memory and can permanently erase the information on the memory. Since the possibility of retrieving information after this is almost 0, so no one else can use it. Flash Memory is required to use Secure Erase. Note that the information on this flash drive will be deleted by clicking on the Start option. After booting the flash drive, restart the system to do this. Before doing this, in the BIOS section, this flash drive must be selected as the main device and AHCI / IDE / ATA mode must be enabled.

Samsung Magician 7

Samsung Magician 8

By performing all the above steps in order, a list of connected memories is visible. Select your memory and press the “Y” key and wait until the end of the process and you should not use the system. PSID Revert feature also works when your access is disabled for some reason by Windows and some applications. With this feature and entering the 32-digit PSID code written on the memory, it will be possible to use the memory again, but the information in the driver will all be erased.

Samsung Magician 9

Some users, due to the importance of their information, intend to encrypt it. So, this feature is based on Bitlocker Drive Encryption, which was present in some versions of Windows, such as Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. If this feature is enabled on the drive, Secure Erase cannot be used. In the Update section of this software, despite updating your Samsung Magician, it is also possible to update the memory firmware and know its version.


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