Eight Tips and Tricks of Instagram

Do you use Instagram? Are you familiar with the tips and tricks of this social media? This article is going to delve into eight tips about using Instagram.

Instagram should be introduced as one of the best entertaining social networks that are easily accessible to users. Still, it is not bad to know that some tricks and practical tips on Instagram can make working with it more attractive for users. In this article, we will introduce eight popular Instagram tricks so that you can use them to experience the best moments on Instagram.

Hiding online status on Instagram

One of the features of Instagram can be considered the ability to restrict and protect privacy. For example, you can hide your online status on Instagram from other users. It is also possible to hide that you have seen someone’s messages.

It is noteworthy that by restricting the comment, you can prevent public posting and view by users; But it will be possible for you to view the comments by selecting the See Comment option. Remember that you will not receive any notifications for future comments from the selected user.

Hiding online

To restrict a person to Instagram, select their profile and tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Now you need to choose the Restrict option and follow the instructions. If you have decided to block the contact, you can select Block after tapping the three-point menu.

Clearing Instagram Search History

One of the features of Instagram is keeping and displaying your search history, which can be a problem for some users. You need to tap on your profile and then select the three-line icon from the application menu in the upper right corner. Next, you need to select Settings and tap Security and choose Clear Search History.

Clearing Instagram

From the next screen, you can select the Clear All option on the top right. Instagram will still preserve the clues of your search.

Adding Popular Instagram Filters to the Top of the Menu

You can easily customize your Instagram filters to get your favorite filters to the top of the list; by doing this, you will no longer have to search to find your favorite filters, among other options.

Adding Popular

When you are sending a new post and selecting filters, select and hold the filter you want and drag and drop it in the desired location.

Sorting Items Saved in the Collections Section

When you save content on Instagram, only you have access to see them. All saved contents will be kept in the All Posts folder by default. If you have saved specific content and plan to revisit it shortly, it is best to create Collection Folders in the Saved Files section to organize all the content you want. Then you can access them quickly and no longer waste your time navigating the pages.

Sorting Items

To add collection folders to the Saved Content section, you must log in to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines menu. Next, you need to select the Saved option. In the Saved Content section, tap the plus (+) option to create a new collection folder. You can assign a new name to it. Now you need to add the desired posts that you want to be displayed in the relevant folder.

Pinning Positive Comments at the Top of Posts

You can pin three positive comments about your activity at the top of each post to make your working conditions and activity acceptable.

Pinning Positive

To do this, view your post’s comments and then tap the comment you want and drag it to the left so you can tap the pin icon and move the comment to the top of the list. Note that by doing so, the person will also receive a notification about your action.

Following Deactivated Instagram Accounts

Instagram allows you to see user accounts that may not need to be followed; They may have been disabled or their content may not be relevant to you. To view all items in one place, you must log in to the profile, then click on the Following link. On the next page, you can see a list of accounts associated with at least once. This feature allows you to check the accounts with which you have had the least interaction in the last 60 days.

Following Deactivated

Click to view each account, and if you have decided not to follow them, click on Following and select Unfollow.

Saving Music of Instagram Content

If you find music or sound in Instagram clips attractive, you can save it. You can easily search for audio information at the bottom of the page and click on it. This process will direct you to the music through the page information.

Saving Music 1

Click Save Audio to continue. Now access your profile to access your saved music videos and tap the three horizontal line icon. Next, select the Saved option. All your saved audio files are available in Audio collections.

Saving Music 2

To use your saved clips to create Reels, tap the Audio option on the left side of the Reels screen and select the option to access the Saved sounds that you can see at the top of the screen.

 Saving Music 2

Then, tap the Saved option to view all the desired content.

Line Spacing When Posting or Commenting

When sending a comment or post, the default Instagram keyboard does not display the Return key, which can confuse newcomers to the social network. There is a simple way to solve this problem to use it to create line spacing, so you do not have to send long posts without any space.

Line Spacing

If you tap the character key (123) to enter the numeric menu, the return key will suddenly appear. You can tap to create line spacing, then enter the menu to continue typing.

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